A Dining Room with Knotty Pine Paneling

Pine tongue and groove paneling used in dens or family rooms create a striking appearance. It looks great in log homes and conventionally styled homes because it presents a warm and cozy atmosphere. Homeowners say it provides a welcoming a soothing feeling to come home to after a hard day at work or play. Use tongue and groove pine wood paneling in your den! 

Putting nature or your walls is not the same as installing drywall, tile, or other man-made materials. You see the natural beauty of knots, mineral streaks, colors, and grain variations. Pine is a sustainable material that’s been around for a long time and will continue to be a wall favorite. It’s sustainable because select trees are harvested from tree farms.

Amazing Pinewood Stairs

High-quality tongue and groove paneling is available from many lumber suppliers. Not all Pine paneling is the same because of how it’s milled, inspected, kiln-dried, and stored. You’ll discover with your first order of our wood products how super they are and how competitively we price them.

Our Pine paneling comes with a guarantee that you will get what you expect or more with each order. Become more familiar with the benefits of tongue and groove planks and the issues with other cuts of wood products.

Problems You Will Encounter with Using Other Types of Wood

All wood materials for wall use are not the same and you should consider the problems with three other types of common products.

  • Non-Tongue and Groove Boards – Boards without the useful tongue and groove/end-matching features must be spliced on studs. This method of installation requires more measuring time, takes longer, and wastes more wood. Although each board may cost less initially, you will waste money on the lost wood and extra time it takes to install. Another disadvantage is that nail or screw heads show through the faces of boards.

    Choose Prefinished Pine Wall Planks Over Reclaimed Wood

  • Reclaimed or Recycled Planks – Taking this route for paneling presents another set of issues unique to these materials. You, or someone, may need to remove nails, staples, or screws from the planks before they can be used. Then, you’ll have the issue of unsightly holes in the wood. You are never sure of what you are getting with reclaimed or recycled wood products. They may contain odors, toxins, insects, lead paint, mildew, stains, or problems not readily detected on the surface. It is usually necessary to sort good pieces from a bundle, rip them to width, or cut to the right length.
  • 4’x8’ Sheets of Paneling – Although some of these simulated paneling sheets are still available, they are flimsy and look outdated. If you want the real wood look and feel, don’t buy these ultra-thin veneer or faux wood products. It’s weak between studs and can get broken because it’s not thick enough to be sturdy.

5 Amazing Benefits of Tongue and Groove Paneling

A Den Fit for a King With Floor and Wall Pine Wood Paneling

Now on to the good news you’ve been waiting for. Tongue and Groove paneling with the end-matching system is a superior product you will find fun, fast, and easy to install in your den.

  • Each piece locks together tightly on both sides and ends. You will not experience joints that will come loose or raise up from others.
  • You save a lot of labor because the panels lock together between studs in a sturdy manner. There’s no need to end butt them on studs.
  • You spend less time measuring the panels and have zero-waste because any pieces you cut can be used on the next row above.
  • The end product looks better and functions superbly compared to other types of paneling. If you like perfection in your walls, tongue and groove paneling is for you.
  • Anyone with basic woodworking experience, simple tools, and knowledge of safety procedures can install this type of paneling. Read these tips on using a nail gun for installing trims and molding.

Don’t use inferior wood products when you can find the best at affordable prices. You’ll need trims, door and window moldings, and corner moldings to finish the project in your den.

Where To Find What You Need

The WoodWorkers Shoppe mills its own high-quality Pine paneling, trims, and molding for use in any cabin or home. It’s available in raw unfinished or pre-finished condition for your convenience. We stock Cedar paneling if you prefer this building material instead of Pine.

Talk to one of our paneling specialists if you have questions about any of our products or how much material you need to order. We pride ourselves on making superior products and serving your building needs.

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