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Log Home Stains – Providing the very best log home stains, caulking, chinking & supplies on the market today. We offer a wide variety of Manufacturer’s products to complete your log home’s exterior and interior , lasting for years to come. Many of our prefinished log siding products are coated with your choice of these stains below.
Choose from low VOC water-based formulas and oils, to oils that are just outside the restricted levels of some states guidelines, but still available in other states.

Manufacturers such as…
Perma-chink – Water-based Log Home Stains, Caulking, Chinking and Clear Coating
Sundance Coatings – Oil-based, 1-Coat 100 VOC Log Home & Deck Stains
Continental – Weather-Seal Oil-based low VOC Log Home Stain
Sashco – Oil-based low VOC & Water-based Log Home Stains, Caulking, Chinking and Clear Coating
Sikkens PPG Proluxe – Oil-based Log & Siding Stain (formerly Sikkens Cetol) colors currently selling out.

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Log Home Stains Caulking

Perma-Chink’s Lifeline Ultra Log Home Stains & Caulking

caulking, chinking, tools and clear polyurethanes….Perma-Chink Ultra 2 is the premier waterborne finish for log homes that offers a 5 year warranty that is unmatched in the stain industry. See live the color chart for Ultra-2 Log Home Stains further down the page!

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Lifeline Ultra 7 Premium Exterior Wood FinishLifeline Ultra - 2Lifeline Advance Top CoatLifeline ExteriorLifeline Log & Timber Defense

Sundance Coatings Exterior Log Home Stains have now been added to our Lineup of  Exterior Finishes and are In Stock! Log*1 Coat is a great product for logs and siding; Deck*1 Coat is a great product for decks and railing.  Both products are a 1-coat solution!

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WeatherSeal Exterior Log Home Stains have now been added to our Lineup of  Exterior Finishes and are In Stock! WeatherSeal is a great product for logs, siding, decks and railing.

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WeatherSeal Exterior Stain

Sashco’s – Transformation Log & Timber Oil Stain and Capture Water-based Stain offers
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Not sure what you have on the exterior of your home now. Transformation Log & Timber may be the product for you?
Capture Log Home Stains CaulkingCascade Clear Top CoatColorFast

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Log Home Stains Caulking


Exterior Log Home Stains Caulking & Chinking

Log Builder Log Home Caulking  Perma-chink ChinkingEnergy Seal CaulkingCheck Mate-2 Caulking   Big Stretch CaulkingWoodsmans Smooth Caulking

Need a little more help in deciding color?
Our most popular Perma-Chink’s Lifeline Ultra-2 colors are pictured below
This display is on the side of our warehouse at The Woodworkers Shoppe/The Log Home Shoppe if you would like to view personally…

The top third of color each panel below is our Pine Log Siding that is in the shade.
The bottom two-thirds are Northern White Cedar in direct Southern Exposure Bright Sunlight.
All are stained with Perma-Chink’s Lifeline Ultra-2 And Top Coated with Lifeline Advance Satin Clear coat…..

Perma-Chink Ultra-2 Stain - Log Home Stains Caulking

  • (1) Panel Perma-Chink Ultra-2 Natural #880 – w/Lifeline Advance Satin Top Coat
  • (2) Panel Perma-Chink Ultra-2 Sequoia #835 – w/Lifeline Advance Satin Top Coat
  • (3) Panel Perma-Chink Ultra-2 Stone Gray #863 – w/Lifeline Advance Satin Top Coat
  • (4) Panel Perma-Chink Ultra-2 Chestnut #868 – w/Lifeline Advance Satin Top Coat
  • (5) Panel Perma-Chink Ultra-2 Bronze #874- w/Lifeline Advance Satin Top Coat
  • (6) Panel Perma-Chink Ultra-2 Walnut #865 – w/Lifeline Advance Satin Top Coat

Close-up Looks at these individual colors on Hand Hewn Siding

(Keep in Mind, There are many more color selections in this formula)

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Log Home Stains Caulking PPG Sikkens Proluxe

PPG Proluxe Exterior Wood Finish Color Chart (below-scroll down)
As of this writing (8-7-23), we have decided to discontinue carrying the PPG Proluxe lineup because of the higher VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) within the products. These measures exceed the limits that are allowed for sale and shipment to many states in the U.S. PPG has indicated that they have no plans of changing the formula to meet regulated guidelines of most states. We do have a very small supply still on hand of some of the PPG products.
With that said, we offer three other oil-based products in addition to the already fabulous water-based exterior stain products that you can use in place of the Sikkens PPG Proluxe products.
One of those such oil-based products that can be applied over PPG “Log & Siding”, PPG “Cetol 23 Top Coat” & PPG “Primary Cetol 1 coat” is Sashco’s “Transformation Log & Timber” product.
If you had a PPG Color of the following, here is the color selection that closely matches the PPG product line mentioned above if you coat with “Transformation Log & Timber”.
PPG/Sikkens           Transformation Log & Timber

Natural 078           _ Natural or Gold Tone Light
Natural Oak 005  _  Red Tone Light
Cedar 077               _  Gold Tone Medium
Butternut 072       _ Red Tone Medium
Teak 085                 _ Red Tone Dark
Mahogany 045      _ Redwood
Dark Oak 009       _ Brown Tone Dark


Log Home Stains Caulking

Don’t overlook Proluxe Deck Finish for your decking needs too!



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