Log Siding – for Your Existing Home, Cottage, Cabin or New Construction

Log Siding for the look and touch of a Real Log Home. Offering the Highest Quality and Best Log Siding Prices with Outstanding Service.
Comparatively, choose from Cedar, Red Pine and White Pine Log Siding to complete your dream home or weekend getaway.

While choosing log siding for your exterior or interior, the species of wood siding is always an option to consider. In short, each species and profile of log home siding has its own style and appeal. The Woodworkers Shoppe offers the highest in quality, elegance and affordability.

Quarter Log, Half Log & Premier Log Siding are all offered here and In-Stock!

Additionally, every variety of our siding is available in smooth, finished (pre-stained), unfinished, or hand hewn finishes. (more on that below!)

Quality stands out!

We manufacture and stock a complete line of interior and exterior siding for new construction or currently existing homes, restaurants, businesses, and more.
In detail, it all begins in the selection of the highest quality wood for our log siding.

We oversee every step of the process, from cutting down the trees in the forest, to precise kiln drying, to shaping the siding, to the final delivery of our log home siding to your jobsite.
Nothing is overlooked, because our quality is of the highest standards with prices that are fair and surprisingly low.

Where do you start? It’s Easy! Our full-time Sales Team of 6 members will make you feel comfortable asking questions and providing answers. Especially, if you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable starting your process on your own. Answers to questions are quick and a simple call away at 800-818-9971.

Easy to install….

Firstly, Log siding is not hard to install either.
To point out, Any do-it-yourselfer can handle the job with limited skills.

We can even provide your siding with stain and sealer at a real cost savings.
Leave the additional cost and work that goes into hiring a painter or doing it yourself up to us, the professionals.

Our log cabin siding is not only for use on the outdoors as an exterior application, but can bring warmth and new feeling to the interior of homes, cottages and basements.

log cabin siding design

Why You Should Consider These 6 Forms of Log Cabin Siding

Log Cabin Siding used on this homeAs a matter of fact, Log cabins are springing up all over the U.S. and there’s no slowing the trend in sight. If one of your major goals is building that dream log cabin, now is the time to get started with The Woodworkers Shoppe’s Log Cabin Siding. You can save thousands of dollars and many hours of back-breaking labor by constructing it with log siding instead of full round logs.

Any of the following six forms of siding are fast and easy to install on the exterior and interior walls of any style cabin. If you have basic woodworking skills, you will appreciate the project even more by getting involved in its construction.

All styles have the tongue and groove with the end-matching design for a perfect fit. A point often overlooked, we have a large team of knowledgeable sales people waiting to help you out. Pine wood also has many other outside and inside applications in home building.

Quarter Log Is Affordable

Quarter log provides an authentic log cabin look without the full log price and its challenges. With this in mind, both 2×6 and 2×8 sizes are appealing in their rustic beauty and charm. Its firm ¼” tongue and groove ensures a lock-tight design on the sides and ends of each piece. Quarter Log Siding is 1-1/2″ thick at the center of the siding piece.

Quarter Log Siding
Quarter Log Siding 2×6 Log Trim 3×4 Log Trim

Order 2×6 or 3×4 D-trim for trimming around windows and doors and a corner system to complete the job.

Half Log Gives a Fuller Log Look

Without a doubt, this half log profile provides the strongest single tongue and groove system in today’s market. Its strong ½” tongue and grooves create a solid fit on all sides and ends of the logs.

3x8 Half Log Siding
Half Log – Siding 3×6 Log Trim 4×4 Log Trim

Its bold 3×6 and 3×8 sizes are a perfect combination of appearance and price for your prized log home. Add the 3×6 or 4×4 log trim and a matching corner system and you’re in business!

Premier Deep D-Log Is the Biggest and Best

With Premier Deep D-Log, it provides the deepest profile and the most authentic look for a true log home.

Premier Log Siding
Premier D-Log – Siding 4×4 Log Trim

Enjoy either a 3×8 or 3×10 size on the exterior and interior of your log cabin. Trimming around windows and doors is easy with our 4×4 and 4×6 sizes and choice of corner systems.

“All styles have the tongue and groove with the end-matching design for a perfect fit.”

Hand-hewn Log Siding Takes You Back In Time

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the authentic old-time look of hand-hewn logs and the effectiveness of modern manufacturing. Everyone will think this siding was created with an axe by hand because it is so realistic looking. Likewise, modern processing creates tighter joints than making them by hand.

Log Siding - Hand Hewn

To illustrate, this log siding above is stained an attractive color to bring out its beauty and can be sealed for years of protection. Cabin owners love the warm and cozy feeling they get by being surrounded by nature inside and outside their cabin walls. What’s more, you’ll be setting yourself up for enjoyment with cabin life.

Pre-finished Log Siding Is the Fastest Way to Go

If you would like to speed up the construction of your home or cabin, use pre-finished log inside and out. With this in mind, here’s why you should consider ordering all your siding in a pre-finished condition:

  • You’ll get to choose the color and the stain brand that appeals to you.3x10 Hand Hewn Pine Log Siding
  • That is to say, that there’s no delay in waiting on the weather, drying time, or scheduling a painter.
  • The time and cost savings is great – up to 50% compared to finishing on the job.
  • Siding arrives at your site, sealed against the elements and ready to install.
  • This Log siding is professionally finished and better than you or I could do.
  • To emphasize, Our Pre-finished siding is available in all log profiles and corner options that’ll meet your desires.
  • Get caught up and get ahead of your schedule with this fabulous product.
  • Lastly, Stain or clear coat for interior uses too!

Another Product to Consider… Barnwood Paneling Gives the Look of Reclaimed Wood

Log Siding Cabin She-ShedAs a side note, our weathered gray barnwood paneling simulates old reclaimed barnwood and is another beautiful option to consider for your cabin walls.

Overall, our barnwood paneling is available in 6” and 8″ widths and is created from northern pine wood. Specifically, it goes through a unique process to simulate old wood with the texture and character made by nature. We recommend using this clean wood rather than old, reclaimed wood that can contain nails, screws, bugs, odors, toxins, and warped pieces.

Ordering and Installing Your Siding is Fun and Efficient

Our friendly siding specialists will assist you in selecting the profile and amount of siding needed for your dream home or cabin. Subsequently, all of our wood products are hand-inspected to ensure you get defect-free siding, trims, and corner systems. Our prices are fair and our customer service is world-class to provide you with the best available. Finally, customers often have similar comments that, “your delivery drivers are timely, friendly and courteous!”

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Three styles of log cabin siding to choose from to fit any budget or project

Log Siding: Quarter Log

In a word, The most economical log cabin siding solution for the everyday log home, available in smooth or hand hewn, 2×6 or 2×8 in knotty pine or cedar…(2×6 & 2×8 *Pine – 20% off)