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Buy High-Quality Paneling for the Best Results

Rustic Knotty Pine or Cedar paneling makes super-looking walls in log cabins and homes. It complements the exterior log siding, and adds a cozy, warm atmosphere inside everyone can enjoy. For just a few dollars more, you can have high-quality wood instead of bargain-basement quality material. Buy it from the right place, and you […]

Essentials for Building a Dream Cabin with New Log Siding

Do you have plans completed for building your new log cabin? Building a log cabin home is essentially the same as a conventional home with some changes in wall, ceiling, and roofing elements. Let’s outline the basic steps to take before adding siding, paneling, and flooring. Building a log cabin home with log siding […]

Discover Fantastic Pine and Cedar Doors and Cabinetry

Discover Fantastic Pine & Cedar Doors. What will the inside of your log cabin or log home look like? Will it have paneling, log siding, some drywall or a combination of these? What about the doors, kitchen cabinets, and bath cabinets? Will they be well coordinated with the rest of your rustic interior design? […]

The Advantages of Living in a Log Home

Millions of Americans have thought about living in a log cabin home at one time or another, while tens of thousands have actually made the move. Why such interest in houses and cabins that are not traditional stick, brick, stucco, or vinyl structures? Pioneers built them because:

There were vast forests on the East […]