Knotty Pine Wood is among some of the most beautiful woods in the world. It has many applications in home building, paneling, trim, and furniture making. This type of softwood is characterized by:

  • Lightweight and straight grain
  • Fine and even texture throughout
  • Small, tight knots that do not fall out
  • Lighter color with light orange accents
  • Stable and durable nature

Knotty Pine is the most economical domestic wood available. It takes stain quite well and can be painted. It is a favorite for log cabins and log homes.What is Knotty Pine Wood?

Knotty pine wood planks were popular in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s for kitchen and living room paneling. At that time many kitchen cabinets were also pine with a honey finish. During the next three decades pine paneling lost its appeal in traditional homes, but not in log cabins and log houses.  

Today, natural knotty pine has made a roaring comeback, and demand for this beautiful wood is high. Because they are continuously grown on tree farms, White and Northern Pine are considered sustainable woods. You cannot go wrong with knotty pine wood planks in your cabin or home.

Applications of Knotty Pine in Log Cabins and Log Homes

Knotty Pine is a versatile wood product that has many applications in log cabins and log homes. It is lightweight and easy to saw, plane, sand, and finish. Here are some common uses for pine:

  • Paneling, log siding, trim, and molding
  • Bath and kitchen cabinets
  • Window frames and doors
  • Flooring and decking
  • Decking for roofs
  • Crafts and home projects

There are endless applications for natural knotty pine wood. You can even use it outdoors, although when used in this environment it must be treated with a preservative to prolong its life and beauty. However, this is no problem because there are many products available to achieve this purpose. Take a look at the wood floor in this photo. Isn’t it beautiful? With our knotty pine planks, it can be yours!

Applications of Knotty Pine in Log Cabins and Log Homes

Leading millworks supply this type of wood for stairways, railings, log mantles, beam covers, and trusses. Knotty Pine log siding is popular because you can have the full log look without the full log price and issues. Suppliers provide Knotty Pine in various forms to suit anyone’s needs including:

  • Raw and hand-hewn log siding
  • Pre-finished paneling and log siding
  • Interior paneling: smooth or weathered
  • Faux barn wood paneling
  • Arched door and window trim
  • Boxes for utility boxes

If you are building a new cabin or renovating an old one, you should strongly consider Knotty Pine as a major wood for interior and exterior use.

Natural Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove Paneling Benefits

One of the significant advantages of natural knotty pine wood planks is the tongue and groove and end-matching features for paneling. With this product, you no longer need to purchase long boards and splice them on studs. This old way of covering walls and ceilings is timeconsuming and wastes a lot of wood.

Tongue and groves on both sides and ends of boards let them lock together tightly anywhere between the studs. Install your knotty pine wood walls with a nail gun along the groove and the nails will never be seen. This is another benefit of modern pine paneling over former installation processes that allowed nail and screw heads to show. There is no need to putty over nail or screw heads with natural Knotty Pine tongue and groove paneling.

Where to Find High-Quality Knotty Pine Paneling

The Woodworkers Shoppe is America’s one-stop shopping center for Knotty Pine Paneling and all log cabin wood products. Craftsmen at this favorite supplier create the highest quality knotty pine wood planks and hand–inspect each piece for defects. Their paneling is not run-of-the-mill quality because each board is straight and free of cracks and splits.

Each piece of paneling is meticulously sawed and milled to exacting dimensions for a flat and perfect fit every time. Tongue and groove knotty pine wood planks save the amount of measuring and sawing needed for installation. Save up to 20% in labor and achieve up to 20% less material waste.

The WWS supplies all the wood products mentioned in this blog. You can order all of it online or visit their showroom.

Their consultants will help you estimate the amount of materials needed for a new house or remodeling an existing one.

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Where to Find High-Quality Knotty Pine Paneling

“We received the KP Paneling today and started installing it on our ceiling. I wanted to tell you we are very happy and pleased with it! My fiancé has been a builder for 25+ years, and he was very happy with what we received! We were initially “a little weary” of ordering wood products over the internet from such a far distance–but I can say I’m glad we did and I will surely recommend your website to our friends.”

“I just recently finished installing the 5” T&G I purchased from you in September. I injured my back right after receiving your product and was delayed several months. I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic product your company puts out. Only a couple of boards damaged in shipping and was even able to use them before I was done. The small amount of waste was incredible. Virtually no knot holes fell out. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your product. I have attached a couple photos. Thank you”

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