Many of those attractive cabins and rustic homes you see are made with wood log siding, full logs, or wood lap siding. Each is suitable for your dream cabin or home with one that’s become a modern favorite – log siding. This product gives the full log look without the full log price or lengthy construction time.

Wood Lap Siding As An Option

Wood lap siding for homes is made from long boards that range from 4” to 8” wide and up to 10’ long. They are installed horizontally with nails and overlap the board below it. This product is also called clapboard and is typically made from cedar or redwood but can be made from pine, spruce, or fir. It is a good-looking siding product but has these disadvantages.

  • The wood is thinner than log siding and can buckle in places
  • If not properly kiln-dried or left stacked too long, can it can warp, bow, or twist
  • Wood lap siding is subject to color fading if not maintained properly
  • It is more flammable, and can chip, peel, or crack over time
  • Lap siding can catch and hold leaves and other debris in the wind

A better option for many applications is pine log siding in any of its shapes or profiles.

“Log siding ….. This product gives the full log look without the full log price or maintenance issues.”

Log Siding Benefits

Real wood is more durable and higher quality than imitation wood siding, such as vinyl or aluminum. Pine log siding has pleased thousands of cabin and homeowners for decades and continues to be a top choice. It is made in a “D” shape where the flat side of the D is attached to wallboard sheathing. Wood log siding offers these stand-out benefits over lap siding:

  • It installs simply and relatively fast with galvanized screws
  • The best siding has the tongue and groove/end-matching design
  • This feature creates secure joints anywhere between wall framing
  • It is virtually a “no-waste” product with less measuring and sawing
  • The sawed-off pieces are used to start the next row up
  • Log siding offers more insulating value than wood lap siding

When log siding is properly kiln-dried its moisture content keeps the boards stable and well- prepared for staining and sealing.

Log Corners, Trims, And Stain

Log corners and log trims complement log siding for a full log look. They are installed before the siding goes on, and you can purchase them to match any of these favorite pine profiles:

  • Quarter Log is available in 2×6 and 2×8 sizes
  • Half Log comes in 3×6 and 3×8 sizes
  • Premier Log is available in 3×8 and 3×10 sizes
  • Hand-Hewn Log available in all the above sizes

Staining and sealing your log walls is crucial to retaining their color and protecting them from the elements. The best results are obtained by applying the highest quality products you can afford. Use them the first time and every time in future maintenance applications. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label for professional results.

Pine Trusses, Beams, And Posts

You can create more of a rustic look in your log home with pine trusses, beams, rafters, and peeled posts. Pine trusses stand out as you gaze up to the ceiling and see the roof supported by them. They are not only aesthetic, but also serve practical purposes like displaying antiques, blankets, or unique lighting.

Pine beams, peeled posts, and exposed rafters also serve as structural supports and create a traditional log home atmosphere. They are attractive and affordable additions to any log cabin or log home. Consider all four of these natural wood products in your building plans. They add strength, durability, and a sense of safety to your dwelling and make interesting conversation pieces.

Skilled Homeowners Can Install The Corners, Trims, And Siding

Another benefit of log corners, trims, and siding is the homeowner skilled in basic woodworking can install them to save money. You may already have the tools or most of them. If you need to purchase any of them, the labor savings will more than pay for them. If you choose to do this work, be sure to coordinate it with your contractor up front.

Wood log siding is used for both new home construction and converting an existing home to a log home or cabin. Homeowners who build with real wood log siding provide rave reviews of its appearance, durability, and structural integrity. If your dream home is a log home, consider wood log siding.

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