Paneling is an excellent choice for log cabin walls, ceilings, kitchen islands, and bar sides. This is what you can consider in choosing this building material to meet your décor needs:

  • Knotty Pine Panels
  • Knotty Cedar Panels
  • Barnwood Panels
  • Pre-finished Panels
  • Tongue-n-Groove features
  • Assorted Widths and Lengths

Focusing on planks with tongue-n-groove, end-matching features will make your interior work worthwhile. With them, there’s no need to nail or screw old-style boards on the front that show the heads. Many of the boards you purchase at DIY and big box stores are not flat, and this makes installing them more of a chore. Purchase high-quality tongue-n-groove paneling from a leading dealer, and you will be assured of flat, workable pieces.What is Tongue-n-Groove Paneling?

What is Tongue-n-Groove Paneling?

Tongue-n-groove paneling with end-matching is one of woodworking’s modern marvels. The tongues and grooves are milled onto the boards at the milling company to precise dimensions. This illustration shows that tongues are created by cutting away wood on its top and bottom. The other side of the board has a slot (groove) cut into it for the insertion of the next board’s tongue. The same effect, called end-matching, is produced on the ends of planks. Other significant benefits of tongue-n-groove paneling with end-matching features are:

  • There’s no need to splice boards between studs because the joints lock tightly anywhere between the studs along the wall.
  • High-quality dealers supply wood that is free from defects that makes sorting unnecessary. Each piece is hand-inspected to assure you of the finest material available.
  • Save 15% to 20% on labor spent measuring, sawing, and installing the panels.
  • Also save 15% to 20% on material waste from the beginning to end of your project.
  • It comes in three sizes to fit your needs: 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” widths. Cedar paneling does not come in 8” widths.
  • Quality paneling is more affordable than you might think.
  • Paneling is also available as pre-finished pieces.
  • It can be laid out in amazing patterns.

Why You Should Consider Pre-finished Paneling

If you want to speed up the work on your cabin’s interior, think about using pre-finished panels. The WoodWorkers Shoppe covers its paneling with a high-quality finish that is sealed on all edges as well as the face. Our process eliminates unsightly shrink lines that can appear with sloppy finishing. This factory-grade product is a true professional’s work that has a durable, satin sheen, non-yellowing, and glassy-smooth surface.

Don’t go to the trouble of hiring a painter, buying all the finishing supplies, and cleaning up the mess afterward. Enjoy the savings of up to 50% of the charges of a painter. You will love our finishing process that includes going through a complete sanding process before the first and second coats of finish are applied. The end result is an attractive furniture finish you will be proud of for many years. Five selected colors of our stain are illustrated below.


     Wheat SW            Gunstock MW       Chestnut SW      Bronze-Walnut SW     Jacobean MW        

The cost of pre-finished wood panels is affordable for any size job. Save money on all your purchases because they have larger coverage or stack height per board than competitors. Ask us for square-foot pricing, and don’t be mislead by low lineal foot pricing at your local lumber yard or DIY store. Although their prices may seem low, you will get less product because the coverage can be less.

There’s another reason to let us finish your paneling. We use low VOC finishes that will be completely dry before your paneling order is shipped. There will be no annoying odors when you installing it in your cabin. This is a benefit for those who suffer from allergies or asthma or get headaches from smelling finishes while drying.

We Have the Paneling and Finishes You Need

We Have the Paneling and Finishes You NeedWe are known as America’s finest supplier of log home paneling products. Whether it’s Pine, Cedar, Barnwood, pre-finished, or finishing materials, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best on the market. Let us know what your plans are, and we will assist you with ordering the right paneling and the quantities to do the job. Look at what one of our happy customers from Florida recently had to say:

“I have just finished installing your knotty pine pre-finished paneling on the ceiling and one wall of a room in my Florida home. In my 60 years of working with wood in my work, as a hobby and as a confirmed DIYer, I have never had the pleasure to work with such beautiful material.

The boards were all straight and flat, the knots were tight and not too large, and the finish was perfect. My wife and I are thrilled with the new look of our room and have told several people about your product. Thank you for being exactly as advertised and thank you for your help with our order.” (Walter from Florida)