If you are finalizing plans for a log cabin or home, did you include rustic wood molding and trim to complement Knotty pine paneling or log siding? If not, it’s not too late to include it. To provide a complete log look, you need to add the appropriate pine, cedar, or barn wood trim throughout the interior.

One of the first considerations is the type of wood to go with the exterior log siding. If the outside is pine most people go with pine on the inside, If they use cedar log siding, cedar is the inside material of choice. Others do some mix and matching with their creativity and personal choice. The company that supplied the siding should also have many types of wood trim molding:

  • Door and window molding
  • Inside and outside corner molding
  • Ceiling and crown molding
  • Chair rail molding
  • Flat wood trim
  • Casing and baseboards
  • Quarter round, cove, and base shoe

Basic Molding Starts with Door and Window CasingYou can use these rustic wood trim molding ideas to really dream up your log cabin or home. It will pay to buy the best quality you can afford so that it won’t warp or crack over the years. High quality will retain its size and beauty for decades with a little care.

Basic Molding Starts with Door and Window Casing

Whether you are building a modern home or a log home, all the doors and windows need trim or casing. There are several styles to highlight them including Half Log-D Trims, Colonial, Three-Bead, and Round Over. All of these look amazing whether finished with a clear coat or stained.  

Follow these simple steps for your door and window trim. Install all of the trim before installing the paneling or log siding.

  • Step 1: Choose the style of Trim
  • 2: Select the width and thickness
  • 3: Cut to size
  • 4: Install with a nail gun
  • 5: Choose natural or stain finish
  • 6: Apply the finish

You can see the windows and doors fitted with rustic wood trim molding in the photo above of a cozy den. Imagine sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold night, watching TV, and enjoying your favorite beverage. You can have it all – a warm and inviting place for friends and family. Your contractor will understand your needs when it comes to trimming the inside of all of your rooms.

Try Crown Molding for a Super Look

You may or may not be familiar with crown molding. If you have seen it before you may think it only goes in luxurious and expensive homes. Installing crown molding in log homes is a growing trend that you can easily be part of. This type of molding is wider than regular ceiling trim and sets at an angle to the wall and ceiling. Most amateur woodworkers find it challenging to cut the miter corners for crown molding. You may need a professional to cut and install it for you.

As you can see above, it forms a natural transition between the walls and ceilings. Inside corner molding can be added to fit precisely at the top. Go beyond the ordinary and add crown molding for a super look in one, several, or all of your rooms. It will cost a little more but will produce a lot more in aesthetics, pride, and compliments from guests.

Be sure to include all of your rustic wood trim molding needs with your original order. All it takes is making an inventory of the types of molding and the total length of materials. It’s always best to add about 10% more than your original order in case you make a few mistakes in cutting and installing the trim.

Don’t Forget the Chair Rail Molding

Don’t Forget the Chair Rail MoldingLast, but not forgotten is Chair Railing in a room where you have chairs. It may be the kitchen, dining room, or perhaps the den. Chair Railing protects the walls from backing into them or leaning back on two legs. If you have teenagers you will more of this behavior than normal.

Some people use chair railing to decorate walls in rooms where chairs are not used. Rails can blend in with the walls or provide a contrasting shape and color to them. The Wood Workers Shoppe carries the widest selection of Pine trim in the business. There is a style for every want and need for any room in your log home.

All of This Molding and Trim Make for a Complete Log Home

Now you know a little more about finishing the inside of your log home with rustic wood trim molding. Don’t settle for anything less than the best in quality log home wood products. Contact the Wood Workers Shoppe for a complete line of log home products and accessories. We have great prices and will ship your order right to your door.