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Knotty Pine Panels – The Best Way to Accent your Community Center

A community center is without a doubt one of the most important spots in your city, town, or village. Before we get into the interior and explain why you need knotty pine panels, we’re going to talk a bit what a community center is and what it means for the surrounding area. We’ve seen […]

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Bring New Life to your Board Room with Rustic Wall Molding

If you run a business there is a good chance that you have a meeting room somewhere and there is also a good chance that it is used for many different purposes. Most commonly, meeting rooms are used for internal operations, but you might find that you need to use them for meeting with […]

Rustic Paneling for the Ultimate Game Room

Maybe you’re adding on to your house or maybe you’re building one from the ground up? The bottom line, is that you need a game room. A game room is special; it is separate from the rest of the house and different in many ways. It needs to be your escape, it needs to […]

How Churches Can Benefit from Prefinished Pine Paneling

Churches and Prefinished Pine Paneling
Churches have a reputation to uphold, one of which is cleanliness, and to be perfectly honest we’ve seen quite a few churches that make unsightly mistakes in their construction. The biggest mistake that we tend to see is the implementation of generic features, especially when it comes to the interior. […]