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Barnwood Paneling is Perfect for Storage Rooms

When you’re planning out a storage room, there are lots of things to consider. You want your storage space to be a safe place for all of your stored items, without worry of insects, mildew, or water damage. You also want it to be a neutral space that is free of distractions for when […]

Tips for Using Cedar Paneling for a Home Sauna

There’s nothing quite like having your own sauna at home. A place to relax, reinvigorate yourself, and mentally unwind, a sauna can be perfect at the start or the end of the day, or even both.
Not many people consider that it’s actually possible to install a sauna at home, whether it’s in a dedicated […]

Using Interior Log Siding in Your Kitchen Showroom

A presentation is an essential aspect of any business, and when you’re selling home goods or appliances, it’s particularly important that your interior finishing is able to bring out the best in your products. Whether you’re selling large kitchen appliances, or even if you’re displaying model kitchens in a large kitchen showroom, choosing unique […]