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Distributors throughout the U.S.

If you’re wondering where to buy wood paneling? We have a wide array of wood siding distributors who service your area with our high quality wood products.
The Woodworkers Shoppe’s and Skyline Woods has log home products and wood siding for sale world-wide. We also offer an online webstore if you’re confident in purchasing on your own at The Log Home Shoppe

Other wood siding suppliers who you might want to buy wood siding from…


Main Office – The Woodworkers Shoppe  – 800-818-9971

Bernard Building Centers  –  
    Hale – 989-728-2211
    Hillman – 989-742-2299
    Cheboygan – 231-445-9031
    AuGres – 989-876-7114
Matelski Lumber Company  – 231-549-2780
Flynn Lumber & Supply  –  989-426-8861
Northern Log Supply  – 800-920-0642
Holmes Wood Products  –  231-878-4271
Rustic Rails  –  989-654-3118
Rustic Rails & Restoration  –  989-348-2564
Cedar Log & Lumber  –  989-733-2676


Woodworkers Shoppe Montana – 877-755-6473

Canadian Log Homes  – 705-309-3580
Cedar Craft Log Homes  –  800-982-2902
Abe’s Place – 270-524-9663


Skyline Woods Distributors

We service all of the U.S. , Canada and the World!
For more info, call our main location at 800-818-9971


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