Value Line Grade Paneling

Currently, the Value-line Paneling supply is being used as stock for our ever popular Barnwood Paneling and has been discontinued for further sales for Value-line Paneling

What’s… You Win, We Win?

To insure you receive a premium product, we look at every piece of paneling that we make and cut out the natural imperfections in the wood. This process is called “defecting” and it leaves us with some very nice random lengths of paneling. The shorter lengths are blended with longer lengths to create our Value Line grade paneling. Value Line grade paneling is sometimes perceived to be all short lengths but this is not so! The majority of the lengths in Value Line grade will be between 8’ and 3’ but will contain some lengths as short as 1′, but a vast amount in the 8′ class.

The Value-line paneling is not some sort of “Reject Board” that has small loose knots, minor defects, blue stain, wane or bark where the surface of the board didn’t clean up. This is premium-grade, inexpensive wood paneling, without all those imperfections!

We win when you buy our 6″ & 8″ Value Line grade product because you are helping us move some of our shorter lengths that we generate from our defecting process. You win because our discounted price on Value Line grade is so low, that you are getting almost half of your order for free! It’s our most inexpensive wood paneling yet! A premium product for a low price, that’s value!

This inexpensive wood paneling is now available in prefinished clear.


Here’s what Patrick from Illinois thought about our Value Line Paneling:

“This past weekend I installed 944lf of your “value line” 1×8 T&G Knotty Pine paneling. I was extremely happy with the product quality and ease of installation — everything was as described on your website and definitely far exceeded my expectations of a “value line”. I’ve been blogging the construction of my new woodshop and have posted an entry on your paneling along with a new time-lapse video of the installation here:
It was a treat to discover that the “value” in value line *didn’t* actually mean “crappy leftovers”. I’ll be sure to recommend you to my neighbors. Thanks for a great product!” – Patrick




Scott from Ohio – about our discount wood paneling:

“First off I would like to say the last order I placed with your company, EXCEEDED my expectations! The product was very consistent in fit and the

installation was very smooth. NO WASTE! that was the best point ever! Here are some images:” Thanks, Scott

value line paneling 2value line paneling 1


“I just wanted to let you know that I have been installing the planks and I am quite pleased with your product. I’m always leery about buying something over the internet so I like to make it a point to compliment when the item ordered meets or exceeds my expectations. I would place your Value Grade Paneling in the “exceeded expectations” column. It is also a concern of mine that my small order won’t get the same treatment as your typical large order, but I didn’t feel that way. I will definitely buy from Woodworkers Shoppe again. Thanks”,
Nick Aguinaga – Wood River, IL

Value Line Paneling 5Value Line Paneling 6

6″ Value Line Grade
8" Value Line Paneling


8″ Value Line Grade


I purchased about 700sqft of the Value-line KPP and I can’t stress enough, how pleased I am with the purchase, look, feel and ease of installation of the product. Like my drill SGT. used to say…”outstanding” . unreal quality.”
“One thing I would like to point out to prospective buyers who find themselves on the proverbial fence is, this is not 4×8 sheets of paneling material. This is true knotty pine boards that are very unique… and will perfect any interior application. You won’t be sorry with your purchase. I referred a friend of a friend, and he could not be happier with his product purchase. We purchased the T&G to finish the interior of our cabin in upstate NY. We had the T&G shipped from Mich. to Pa. and hauled it north ourselves. Shipping was quick and packaging was excellent with no loss to broken pieces etc.”
Jody Thompson – Hunlock Creek, PA (Photos here)

“Kudos to the Wood Worker Shoppe for a great customer experience! We appreciate the excellent customer service you provided when we initially ordered the pine car siding for our mother’s home. You answered all of our questions and clearly explained all of the shipping details for our out-of-state project. We checked various sources, and ultimately decided to go with the materials from your shop, due to the fact your price for pre-finished materials and shipping was only slightly higher than the local prices for unfinished car siding. It was a bit nerve wracking ordering something sight unseen. But given your positive customer reviews, we felt pretty confident our experience would be a positive one as well. We’re so thankful it was! The shipment arrived just as you said it would, even beating your best estimate by five or six hours. The tracking updates that came via email for the 2-3 day period of shipment gave us confidence that we would be able to start work on the project, as intended. We were also very impressed with the overall quality of the product. Only 1 or 2 pieces of the 1,024 linear feet of prefinished car siding panels we ordered were slightly damaged during shipping – but even they were able to be used to either start or end a row, depending on where the specific damage was, making us super happy customers! Due to the overall excellent craftsmanship of the materials themselves, as well as the careful shipping – we wound up with very little waste, far below the 5% estimate you gave us. We ordered the Value-line package, and it’s good we did! All of those shorter pieces sure came in handy with the uneven surfaces we had to work with. We’re novice installers, so being able to work with quality materials saved us the headaches we’ve heard about from folks who used cheaper, flimsier products available at the big box stores. The finished product is just so beautiful! I am already dreaming of potential projects in our own home, using prefinished car siding panels. When we are ready to start such a project, our first call will be to the Wood Worker Shoppe! Sincerely,”
Cheri Wright – Eureka, AR

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