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Updated 2023

Now offering FREE FREIGHT** and

DISCOUNTED FREIGHT from our Michigan office…

“We’re doing our best to keep delivery costs down!”
  • Offer valid from our Michigan location only
  • ** “Free Freight” based on your location and the amount of product purchased.
    Other freight discounts are offered if you do not qualify for “Free Freight”.
  • Freight Discounts begin with a $2,500 purchase.
  • Valid on shipments within the continental USA
  • Not valid with Clearance Item Products or Custom Woodwork
  • All Freight discounts are limited to our standard production items (Log Siding, Paneling & Trims)
  • Freight discounts are limited to one (1) delivery per order and based on the amount of purchase and your location.
  • Free Freight and Discounted Shipments are as flexible as we can possibly make them, however,
    they are scheduled by the availability of our trucks and trailers first. 
  • NOT available for wood product freight purchases from our online store 
  • All Canadian customers will be responsible for broker fees and all GST taxes in full
  • Call or email for more details on how to order siding online


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The Woodworkers Shoppe Delivery Policy and Shipping Infoclick here for printable format

When you buy wood paneling online from the Woodworkers Shoppe, our goal is to deliver your Skyline Woods products to you quickly, safely and efficiently. While our Skyline Woods Mill custom crafts all of its solid wood product lineup, we contract all of our deliveries with professional freight services. This allows us to get your order to you faster and maintain lower prices. A Woodworkers Shoppe customer representative will work with you to determine the best method of delivery for your order.

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In Stock Materials in all of our Warehouses!

For convenience and safety of all concerned please follow the guidelines for the delivery method that is selected for you below:

I. Semi Truck Flat Bed Delivery – for large orders

Shipping Infotruck3Loaded Semi-Truck for Delivery
The contracted delivery drivers do not carry unloading equipment, such as forklifts. For this method of delivery, a forklift is required and it is your responsibility to have a forklift and operator available to unload your order. The forklift must be able to lift a minimum of 12 ft. and 2500 pounds. Please consider that the delivery area must be large enough to accommodate the unloading of the flatbed with a forklift and must be done so in a timely manner.



II. Semi Truck with Enclosed Van Delivery (Common Carrier) – small orders

Fed Ex FreightThis shipment method is designated for small orders that ship long distances. The delivery truck is usually a box semi truck (as shown here), which typically means that the product will have to be unloaded off the back of the truck by a fork lift or by hand if a fork lift is not available. The trucks can be as large as a full semi so please be sure to have ample room for the truck to maneuver if the order is being delivered to a residence.
Whenever product is shipped by a common carrier it is more economical to have it shipped to a business or commercial address rather than a residential address. Residential delivery by this means is to the foot of your driveway at roadside unless you live on a busy roadway. In that case the carrier will notify you of the nearest location.

Once the product leaves The Woodworkers Shoppe location, it is the carriers responsibility to deliver the product undamaged. In the unlikely event that damage does occur during shipment, we recommend that you accept it. Go over the damaged material and have noted by the driver on the carriers delivery receipt exactly what damages have occurred. Make sure that any damages or losses are noted on the delivery receipt before the driver ever leaves the premises. Then, immediately notify your Woodworkers Shoppe customer sales representative.

If damages are witnessed after the driver leaves, take detailed clear photos and notify your sales rep immediately by phone and by sending digitally through email.
The Woodworkers Shoppe will ship the replacement product back to you in a timely manner. Save all materials and original packaging and boxes for the carriers inspection and pick-up of merchandise.

III. Pick-up Flatbed and Trailer Delivery – most common orders
Our Drivers2

This is the most flexible and common method of delivery. While this method of delivery is flexible, and can often be unloaded directly at your door. You must consider if there is ample space for both a pick-up truck and trailer. Larger orders will require a forklift and operator for unloading. Your Woodworkers Shoppe customer representative will advise you when your order is placed.

Our Drivers5• In some cases, hand unloading will be the only option. The driver will assist you and your help at how to properly remove the materials for unloading at the job site. The drivers do not unload materials. Their time is very valuable and delivery times need to be kept to a minimum. If the unloading takes longer than one hour, you will be charged $25 plus $25 for each additional 1/2 hour of the driver’s time. This could mean as much as $75 for the first additional hour and $50 for each hour after that (based on $25 per ½ hour).

Drivers will inform you when, or if, any excess time over an hour is approaching and will convey the additional charges that may be incurred to you. In order to avoid additional charges, please have additional/sufficient help on hand to unload your order in a timely manner.

Pay Attention to the following:

• For any reason your order cannot be delivered to your door, such as excessive snow, mud or foliage, your order will be unloaded at the nearest possible location.
• If your delivery site cannot be accessed with a trailer, you may need to consider using two pick-up flatbeds for delivery. A flatbed load contains three units while a trailer load contains eight.
• By chance, if you have not arranged for a forklift or additional help to unload your order in a reasonable amount of time, your order will be returned to The Woodworkers Shoppe. It will then be your responsibility to arrange the delivery of your order.

Thank you for your cooperation in the shipping, delivery and unloading of your Skyline Woods order. By following these guidelines you can be assured that your order will be delivered in the best condition possible.

Damaged Claims:

•Each of our products have been checked and carefully packaged before shipping.
•Upon receipt, the shipping carrier assumes full responsibility for safe arrival of the merchandise.
•Should the package or any portion be damaged apparent or otherwise, a claim must be filed. Your delivery receipt must be signed by you and the delivery driver indicating the damaged goods.
•All materials must be saved and original packaging and boxes for the carriers inspection and pick-up of merchandise.

Apparent Loss/Damage:

•Apparent loss or damage must be noted on the Freight Delivery Receipt and signed by the driver. Failure to do so will result in refusal of the carrier or The Woodworkers Shoppe to honor any and all claims. Save all materials and original packaging and boxes for the carriers inspection and pick-up of merchandise.
•Apparent loss or damage on pick-up flatbed with trailer must be noted to the driver. A phone request will be made by the driver to a Woodworkers Shoppe representative immediately.

Non Apparent Damage:

•When damage is non apparent until the merchandise is unpacked, a claim for concealed damage must be filed and verification must be made by use of photos!
•We require that all products should be unpacked within 10 business days of receipt for a claim to be valid. Upon discovery, a phone request must be made to The Woodworkers Shoppe with support photos sent to your sales representative.
•Pending claims for damaged merchandise are not valid reasons for withholding payment.
•We’ll do whatever necessary to repair or replace damaged items.
•Save all materials and original packaging and boxes for the carriers inspection and pick-up of merchandise. Take photos!!! Photos are important in settling a claim!

Picking Up Orders Yourself:

When you buy wood paneling online, you always have the option of picking up your own order, whether you’re looking to cut freight costs or to get away to beautiful Northern Michigan. You are always welcome to pick up your order and visit our spectacular showroom. We can load your order in the back of a truck or on a trailer for you. Your sales representative will inform you on what equipment is required to haul your order. Please be aware of weather conditions and the protection of your wood materials when transporting. Proper tie downs and tarps are not the responsibility of The Woodworkers Shoppe and will be your responsibility solely. It is always a good idea to bring your own plastic or tarp even if it looks like a nice day.


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