Wood Paneling Looks Good on a Man Cave

Man caves serve as temporary refuges from ordinary daily life and places to express our personalities. They are stocked with a myriad of items like:

  • Television Sets and Refrigerators
  • Cool Couches and Chairs
  • Kegerators and Putting Greens
  • Outdoor Sports Items
  • Musical instruments and Trophies
  • Pool Tables and Vending Machines

If you are planning to build one in your home, consider lining it with Knotty Pine paneling. Your man cave will look amazing with knotty pine wood paneling. It looks terrific on walls, ceilings, and as trims and molding.

What Is Knotty Pine Paneling

Knotty Pine paneling is made from select Norway and White Pine trees and typically comes in 4”, 5”, 6”, or 8” widths, ¾” thickness, and in varying lengths. Pine is the wood of choice because of its rustic knots, colors, grain patterns, ready availability, and reasonable cost. This type of wood also provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere that is associated with log cabins.

A Terrific Pine Paneled Room

Pine trees are sawn into boards, and then into planks or panels. Pine is commonly selected because it is a softwood that is lighter and easier to work with than hardwoods like maple or oak. This type of wood is used extensively in the U.S., Europe, and other countries. We recommend using tongue and groove with end-matching paneling because the joints fit securely together and you can save up to 20% in labor and material waste.

Manufacturing panels from pine trees keep wood mills busier than ever before as many homeowners are finding that bringing nature into their cabins and homes is soothing and inviting. Additionally, homeowners can stain pine many different colors to match any man cave décor anywhere in the house.

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Barn Wood Paneling

Pine paneling also comes in the form of barn wood with a smooth or weathered surface. This material is one of today’s favorites because it has advantages over reclaimed or recycled wood:

  • Pine is reasonably priced, while reclaimed wood has become more scarce and costly.
  • Faux barn wood has no objectionable odors, nails or screws to pull.
  • Our products don’t need sorting, ripping, or cutting to length to get acceptable pieces.
  • It comes in tongue and groove with end-matching for fast, fun, and easy installation.
  • Our barn board is created in a special process that gives new wood an old look with lots of texture and character.
Vintage Gray Barn Wood   Rustic Red Finish

Our eco-friendly rustic wood paneling has a water base low VOC finish that is safe for you and your home. The basic design has a smoky dark stain with hazy silver and white undertones that enhance the deep grain of the wood. The result is a rustic patina appearance of old barn wood. If you don’t like the old weathered reclaimed lumber look, you can order paneling in a smooth and raw form to stain the color of your choice. If you want to save time and effort, let our custom finish shop apply the stain. When it arrives, just nail it up and you’re done.

Pre-finished Pine Paneling

Pre-finished Pine Panels Look Amazing

Want to finish your man cave project faster? Use pre-finished Pine paneling for a super look with less effort. Our product has a high-quality finished that covers all the faces and edges of the wood. This process eliminates unsightly shrink lines, runs, or drips and provides a professional look that is hard to obtain at home. This factory applied finish is non-yellowing, durable, with a satin sheen that is glassy smooth.

Each piece of paneling is completely sanded before the first and second coats of finished are applied. You will love the furniture finish that looks like a million dollars! Compare our prices to other suppliers because our pre-finished wood panels have a large coverage or stack height per board. Order square foot pricing instead of lineal foot pricing to get more coverage.

Trim, Casing, and Molding to Set It Off

Your man cave paneling needs trim, casing, and molding to finish the job. Order what you need:

  • Door and Window Trim
  • Baseboards
  • Corner Molding
  • Arched Wood Trim

It is just the thing for accenting rustic rooms anywhere in the house. Most baseboards and casing are available in convenient 8 and 10 feet lengths. Pre-finished trim products save labor, buying finishing products, hiring a painter, and cleaning up afterward.

Our service and the quality of our trim and molding make the difference. Don’t take our word for it, read what one of our customers has to say.

“I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the work on the last order that we placed. I started opening up and using a bundle of the 6″ T&G this past weekend and was very impressed with the care in packaging. The finish is very nice. The overall quality in the first bundle I opened was good. Your customer service has been great!

I know as a business owner that normally you only hear something when there is an issue, not when things go well. So can you pass along the “good job, thank you” along to everyone involved. Keep up the good work!” (Sent by Seth, one of our happy customers)

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