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Knotty Pine Paneling for Children’s Play Rooms

Setting up the ultimate play room for your children can present some challenges, but perhaps the most important of these challenges is choosing the right wall paneling. This sets the tone of the entire room and can definitely help to stimulate the imagination. In fact, if you choose to use this decoration method for […]

Rustic Trim Ideas for your Home or Business

If you’re here looking at our products, then there is a good chance that you are considered some sort of change whether it is for your home or for your business. These are both great venues for log siding corner trim and definitely something that you will want to think about. So, what is […]

Interior Rustic Paneling for Classroom Design

Classrooms are a learning environment, and in the past great emphasis has been placed on making them accessible, easy to clean, and most importantly, inexpensive to implement. Today it has been found that bare white or gray walls of classrooms are outdated and unwelcoming. We’re living in an age where more options are available […]

Outfit your Rustic Storefront with Prefinished Pine Paneling

Running a rustic storefront can present a number of different challenges, but perhaps the biggest of these is going to be aesthetics. This becomes a serious challenge if you are trying to build a store that conforms to a specific theme, and in this case we are going to be talking about the rustic […]

Ideal Places for Prefinished Pine Paneling

So you’ve been looking through our website, probably more than once, and you know that you absolutely love our interior wood panels. Are you looking for some Ideal Places for Prefinished Pine Paneling? We can’t blame you; after all, what kind of person wouldn’t love it? You’re looking at some of the greatest craftsmanship […]