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 32 x 48

Log Siding:3×8 Pine Hewn$7000.00
Trim:3×6 D-Trim$800.00
Corners:6″ Vertical$450.00
Finish:Sikkens Natural Oak$1000.00



24 x 36

Log Siding:3×8 Pine Hewn$5000.00
Trim: 4×4 D-Trim$600.00
Corners:6″ Vertical$250.00
Finish:Sikkens Butternut$800.00



32 x 36

Log Siding:2×6 Pine Log$3500.00
Trim:3×4 Pine D-Trim$500.00
Corners:6×6 Butt-n-Pass$1400.00
Finish:Sikkens Natural Light$1000.00
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