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How to Panel Your Log Cabin on a Budget

If you want to completely remodel your home on a budget, you should try Value Line Grade Paneling. You get the same high-quality log home paneling, but with less cost on this product. This inexpensive paneling option is a win-win proposition no matter how you look at it.
Value Line Grade Paneling is the product […]

Why You Should Use Weathered Paneling Instead of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is very popular today for cabin and home walls and ceilings. It has its own advantages, although its disadvantages outweigh them. Reclaimed wood is recycled wood products from old barns, homes, sheds, and other structures. Modern weathered paneling is surpassing reclaimed wood in use nationwide.
Why used modern milled weathered wood […]

Complement Your Log Home with Great Looking Rustic Molding

Complement Your Log Home with Great Looking Rustic Molding
Your rustic log home is not finished until it’s adorned with matching rustic molding. Our rustic molding sets off each room beautifully and covers joints and cracks while complementing your log home decor. There are a number of choices for cabins and homes that provide that traditional […]