Log siding has been a big hit for cabins and homes for many years. Its popularity has spread to other sectors of the housing and business markets. They include gift shops, hunting and fishing lodges, outdoor equipment stores, state parks, duplexes, rental homes, and more. These buildings provide the real log look and appeal without the full log price.

You’ve most likely visited one of these businesses and enjoyed the experience. At first glance, you didn’t notice they were constructed with log siding instead of full logs. Read more about five types of business applications using log siding in the following paragraphs.

Outdoor Equipment Stores

This ATV Rental Shop Looks Great

Outdoor equipment stores are known for boating, camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, lawn mowing equipment, ATVs, and other outdoor recreation products. As a business owner, you can display all your merchandise inside or outside a beautiful rustic building that draws in new and returning customers.

The appeal of a log cabin attracts attention no matter where you live in the U.S. Most people come to shop or browse, while others visit your attractive business for the novelty of the log building. Once inside, a log cabin atmosphere seems to hold people’s attention longer than conventional looking stores and display rooms. It’s that classic log cabin enchantment that attracts more customers and increases sales. Some owners choose to save time by building with pre-finished log siding.

Hunting and Fishing Lodges

5 Applications Log Siding

An Ideal Rustic Hunting and Fishing Lodge

At one time, all hunting and fishing lodges were made of round or squared full log construction. To be more cost-effective, owners are switching to one of these log styles and profiles:

  • Quarter Log
  • Half Log
  • Premier D Log

They simulate full logs so well, it’s a natural move to save overhead costs. Full logs are costly, their installation is labor-intensive, and their maintenance costs are prohibitive for some business establishments.

We have found that outdoorsmen and women enjoy their stays in lodges made with log siding as well as those in full log structures. Managers like their ease of construction and savings on installation time and material wastes. Our hand-hewn or peeled logs make an outstanding looking hunting or fishing lodge.

Restaurants and Retail Stores

Applications Log Siding

Dine at This Log Siding Restaurant

Food just seems to taste better in a log cabin style restaurant, café, or diner. Relax and dine in a rustic, homey atmosphere and enjoy your favorite foods and drinks. This restaurant is a make-over from a traditional-looking building that improved its business image. You can bet customers will enjoy their dining experiences here and tell their friends and family about it.

Home-style and barbecue-related foods and meals are hits in log style restaurants across the U.S. Most add antiques or old-style decorative items and art to enhance the log cabin appeal. Wouldn’t you enjoy eating here with your friends and family? Get some great ideas about cozy restaurant interior designs for your eatery. Learn how to stain log siding for the interior of your log siding business in this informative blog.

Gift Shops and State Parks

Fun Shopping At Gift Shops

Many tourist shops, suburban gift shops, and state parks recognize the attraction of log cabins to house their merchandise or layouts of area attractions. In fact, we seem to expect this type of atmosphere when we visit these areas. Owners know they can save big construction bucks with exterior and interior log siding versus using full logs.

You probably remember the last few trips to a gift shop or state park with log cabins and look forward to their return. America wants to remember the past with simple living and going green with sustainable Pine log siding and wood products.

Duplexes and Rental Homes

5 Applications Log Siding

Log Rental Cabins Are a Hit

If you’ve ever rented a log cabin, house, or duplex, you’ll never forget the experience. Builders recognize the attraction of log cabins for all ages and are constructing them in record numbers. Relaxing in a cozy log cabin and listening to the rain on a tin roof is a tranquil and soothing time.

If you’re a contractor, land developer, or realtor, give more thought to creating log cabins, homes, or duplexes to sell or rent. There is a market for them and it’s far from being filled to capacity. Now’s a great time to jump on the bandwagon to increase sales for a growing housing market.

We Have Your Number

Hopefully, our article showing 5 modern applications for our log cabin siding has given you a few ideas! We “have your number” and you will soon have ours when it comes to supplying you with high-quality materials to build your dream log cabin, home, or business. Here is a list of what you need to complete the exterior and interior walls and finished parts of the building:

  • Log Siding
  • Trims and Molding
  • Corner Systems
  • Pine Flooring
  • Wood Doors
  • Log Rails and Stairs
  • Log Mantles and Beam Covers
  • Trusses and Cabinetry made from Logs

We also stock stains, finishes, caulking, and chinking products as well as rustic lighting, and paneling. Call us today at (800) 818-9971 with your questions and needs.

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5 Applications Log Siding