Are you looking to remodel your home using knotty pine tongue and groove paneling from The Woodworker’s Shoppe? Pine paneling is one of the best ways to improve both the looks and value of your home. With our paneling, you’ll get natural timber finishes that look perfect with both modern and rustic décors.

If you’re getting ready to begin your project and need to buy materials, or even if you’re still estimating your costs, then you’ll be able to get started easily with our instant estimator. Let’s take a look at how it works, and provide some examples for walls in your home.

Using the Online Estimate Calculator

We offer a few means of finding a cost…

  1. Our Sq. Ft. Calculator
  2. Purchase from our Online Log Home Web Store
  3. Send an Email to Us with your request. Please include prints, measurements, size of paneling, etc.
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In addition to looking at individual prices at our online web store, you can also get a rough estimate on the cost of knotty pine paneling for walls, based on some basic dimensions of the walls in your home.

knotty pine tongue and groove panelingLet’s take a basic wall as an example. A room with a ceiling will only require flat finishing, with no need to account for a gable. Using prefinished 1 x 8 knotty pine tongue and groove paneling, the material cost for finishing a feature wall that is 8ft high x 12ft in length will be roughly $200 when using prefinished paneling. Keep in mind that large windows, a fireplace, doors, etc., will all reduce the amount of paneling that is required to cover a wall, and this estimate covers total area without taking these features into account.

For a medium sized bedroom consisting of four 10ft walls and an 8ft ceiling, the material cost of paneling for walls would be roughly $680, which could be slightly reduced when taking windows and doors into account. When you can finish an entire room for such an affordable price, it is no surprise that timber paneling has become popular again in the modern age. Even if you’re not remodeling your entire home, and simply want to update an attic space, a den, or even a billiards room or a man cave, using knotty pine paneling will be surprisingly affordable. If you’re planning on installing decorative half-wall paneling, then you can halve the total cost!

The cost of wood paneling that’s been prefinished is slightly more, but the time and money saved means that you end up with a better deal, and you won’t have to worry about finishing the panels at home or paying extra to a contractor to do the finishing for you.

If you’re ready to get a basic estimate for your home, then use our online calculator to get prices for all of our most popular materials in various sizes, including our indoor / outdoor log siding.

Save More by Using Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove Paneling

When estimating the cost of paneling for walls, it’s important to take into consideration any work that you will be paying for. If you’re doing your own knotty pine tongue and groove paneling as a DIY project, then you won’t need to worry about contractor costs, and you’ll only need to consider materials like nails for securing your panels to the wall.

Even if you are going to be hiring a contractor to complete the work, then choosing tongue and groove end matched paneling will mean that your overall labor costs are reduced when compared to other types of paneling. We pioneered the end matched tongue and groove system to make installations easier and faster. With this method, there’s no need for measuring and cutting individual panels to meet stud patterns, so the installation time is drastically reduced and there’s less material waste.

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The Woodworker’s ShoppeTake a look at all of our tongue and groove pine and cedar siding and paneling options today. With our products, building a log cabin on a budget has never been easier. Affordable pricing for knotty pine tongue and groove paneling is just the beginning, because your investment could potentially last the lifetime of your home, and could even raise the value of your home, allowing you to recoup the costs if you’re preparing to sell.

Simply put, there are few other home improvements that can provide the return that modern paneling can, and you’ll find the best paneling and siding solutions at The Woodworker’s Shoppe.