A presentation is an essential aspect of any business, and when you’re selling home goods or appliances, it’s particularly important that your interior finishing is able to bring out the best in your products. Whether you’re selling large kitchen appliances, or even if you’re displaying model kitchens in a large kitchen showroom, choosing unique materials like interior log cabin siding can make a huge difference, giving you the appeal that is needed to help your business stand out from the rest.

Create Appeal with Interior Log Cabin Siding

A kitchen or appliance showroom should look both professional and appealing. It should appeal to the design sensibilities of a wide range of homeowners, by using natural materials that are both sophisticated and modern. If you want to achieve timeless design on your main walls and feature walls, then interior log cabin siding is a great option.

Our interior log cabin siding is a step up from high-quality wood paneling. The depth of siding creates a three-dimensional effect that, when paired with our rustic wooden cabinetry, will allow your showroom set pieces to stand out, and the use of siding will add elegance without detracting from anything that you have on display. Even if you’re promoting custom designs for a highly modernized kitchen, having the backdrop of a pine log siding feature wall will help to create excellent contrast, and it will give your customers an idea of just how versatile your designs are.

When you use The Woodworker’s Shoppe log siding with your own high-quality appliances or interior design hardware, you’ll give your customers a glimpse of what their homes could look like, creating more opportunities to grow your client base and increase sales.

Options to Meet Your Need

Log SidingIf you want to go for the full and deep look of premium interior log cabin siding, you can choose items from our premier range. These are available in both knotty pine and cedar and are the largest log siding pieces that we offer. They are available in smooth or hand-hewn finishes, so if you’re looking for a classic early settler look, then the hewn option will be sure to impress.

As your main focus will be log siding interior design, you might find that half log siding is more suitable for your showroom purposes. These siding pieces are shorter in height than the premier range, which might work better with your interior spaces. If you want to go even smaller, then quarter log siding is a good option. Quarter pieces still add a good amount of depth and visual appeal, but they’re more similar to wood panels in terms of weight and size.

Our interior log cabin siding can be prefinished to meet your needs, and this will save time and money because a contractor won’t need to perform any finishing on your business premises. In most situations, choosing prefinished siding will help you to save up to 50% when compared to having someone do the work at your location. Having your siding prefinished will allow it to last longer in your showroom, maintaining luster and a smooth finish, which is important for maintaining visual impact.

About The Woodworker’s Shoppe

The Woodworker’s ShoppeAs leaders in log siding, paneling, and trim products, we’re the ideal choice when you want to upgrade or redesign your showroom. We pioneered the use of tongue and groove siding and panels with end matching, which makes our timber products easier to install, with less material waste and a quicker overall installation time. In business, you will understand just how important it is to use products that are both convenient and cost-effective, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you use our cedar or pine log siding.

We can supply in small batches or commercial quantities, and we’d love to help you find the perfect materials for your next showroom remodeling project.

Explore the range today and see just why log siding interior design is the best choice for modern showrooms that want to stand out from the competition.