Are you ready to start living out your dreams in that log home you’ve been thinking about all these years? Now’s the time to begin construction with the weather breaking, and when log home materials are on sale, which means you can start building your log cabin on a budget. Before you order anything, purchase that ideal lot you’ve been checking out on the lake, river, woods, or close to town. Once you move in you can enjoy all those outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, nature study or anything else you want to do. Man – that’s living the life you’ve dreamed of!                                                                                       

Once your plans are in order, building permits have been obtained, and builders are found to lay the groundwork, work up an order for the materials. A log home is a thing of rustic beauty and comfortable living you’ll never tire of. 

There are some considerations before making plans and buying that perfect lot including: 

  • Cost of the lot and clearing the lot 
  • Preparing the lot for foundations and utilities 
  • Cost of the log home materials and labor
  • Energy efficiency of the log siding and roofing 
  • Maintenance of the home and property 

Something you must also do is to talk to owners of log homes that are similar to yours to understand the ups and downs of building and ownership. Get at least three bids on every aspect of construction. Lastly, locate a qualified builder that understands the type of log home materials you intend to use.  Find Log Home Essentials Online       

Find Log Home Materials Online       

Building a log cabin on a budget is easy with the Internet. Most people aren’t aware they can find higher quality materials and better prices online. Take our advice and build with log siding inside and out, or exterior log siding and interior paneling. This way you can avoid the high cost of full logs and their construction. Thousands of people have made the switch to log siding because they can do some of the work themselves with a little knowledge of and skills in woodworking. 

Here’s what you will need once the foundation is poured, the home is walled in, the roof on, and the utilities connected. Put the desired amount and type of R-value insulation in the walls, attic, and floors, and make plans to order: 

  • The style of log siding you prefer 
  • Cedar or pine panels, if needed
  • Exterior and interior trim and molding 
  • Flooring, doors, beams, and mantles 
  • Stairways, posts, light fixtures 
  • Kitchen and bath cabinetry 
  • A corner system that sets off your log home 

Find all this and more by ordering from the in CominsMichigan. You can select from several species of select woods, widths and thicknesses of siding, unfinished or pre-finished wood, and finishing products. Get great service and competitive prices, and buy now while many log home products are on sale. 

How Much Can You Save With Our Log Home Materials? 

If you will look closely, you will find many ways to save money on building supplies, tools, and finishing materials. How much can you save? Check out these prices and savings: 

  • Pine, Cedar & Barnwood Log Siding – Up to 25% off now! 
  • Pre-finished Pine Siding – Free freight! 
  • Pine Paneling  Save up to  25% off 
  • Barnwood Paneling – Up to 10% off great service and competitive prices

Click here for outstanding savings on many items that are in stock now. When you add it all up, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by ordering items on sale and clearance. Building a log cabin on a budget has never been easier!

Save Even More by Doing Some of the Work Yourself 

Unless you are a carpenter or contractor, you will need to hire some or all of the work done. If you do have fundamental building skills, and can recruit a few friends or family members, you will save even more. If this is the case, you should be able to install most or all of the log home materials mentioned in the second section of this blog.  

Planning and building your dream log home can be almost as much fun as living in it. We’ve collected a list of reasons why people love their log homes: 

  • It is calm, peaceful, and relaxing living in a log home or cabin. 
  • You will appreciate the rustic atmosphere that is so welcoming. 
  • Log homes take us back to a simpler time and life. 
  • Friends, family, and passers-by will give you many compliments. 

Another way to save time on log siding and paneling is to order pre-finished products. They will be expertly finished in controlled conditions and all you will need to do is saw them to length and nail them up. 

Leave Your Log Home to Posterity 

Maintain your new log home using the wood product manufacturer’s guidelines, and you can pass it on to children or grandchildren. Most likely, one or more of them will appreciate it as much as you do. With our log home materials, you can build your log home soon and start living happily!