Amazing Knotty Pine! Close your eyes and imagine beautiful Knotty Pine Paneling or Cedar Paneling installed on the walls of your log cabin or home. This amazing wood product can be arranged in many ways and stained in a myriad of colors. We will concentrate on four favorite wall paneling design ideas that look sharp in any home.

Tip: Purchase high-quality paneling that has these characteristics for the best results:

• It is sawn to exacting dimension standards.
• The wood is correctly kiln dried for moisture content.
• It has the tongue and groove features on both sides.
• Pine paneling has the end-matching cuts on both ends.
• Both Pine and Cedar are a full ¾” thick
• Purchase from a dealer with 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” width options

Installing paneling with the above features will save time, effort, and money. You can realize up to a 20% savings in labor and 20% less material waste. The end-matching system has the benefit of joining together anywhere between wall studs. You no longer need to end butt the boards on a stud. Fasten the paneling using a nail gun, and you will never see the heads.

Design #1 – Horizontally

Knotty Pine Paneling

Laying out panels horizontally is one of the two classic wall paneling design ideas. The steps to completing this layout pattern are simple once you have inspected all boards:

1. Store the paneling inside for a few days to acclimatize.
2. Start by nailing the bottom row with a nail gun and cut each board to length.
3. Repeat step 2 all the way to the ceiling.
4. Saw the trim and molding to size and nail around windows and doors.
5. Install the trim for baseboards, corners, and ceilings.

After cleaning up the sawdust and leftover pieces of paneling, finishing your log home starts here! Apply the stain if desired,  apply a second coat if you want a darker color. Once thoroughly dry, apply one or two coats of clear finish and your paneling project will be completed. 

Layout #2 – Vertically

Knotty Pine

The second of our wood wall paneling design ideas is to lay the panels vertically in several rooms. The steps to installing this design are similar to horizontal paneling with a few changes including:

1. Store the paneling inside for a few days to acclimatize.
2. Install short boards horizontally between the studs every 32” for nailing paneling.
3. Start by nailing the corner panels with a nail gun and move toward doors and windows. Cut each board to length.
4. Saw the trim and molding to size and nail around windows and doors.
6. Install the trim for baseboards, corners, and ceilings.

The cleaning up, staining, and finishing process are the same as for a horizontal layout above.

Design #3 – Diagonally

Paneling Knotty Pine

Mounting Pine or Cedar paneling diagonally adds a novel touch to any wall. It is aesthetically pleasing and draws your attention toward the ceilings. The two favorite angles are 45° and 30° depending on how steep or flat you want the boards to be. The installation process is similar to the two already given. Start with the center of the wall. and saw the ends of the boards the correct angle. They will lock together as you install on both sides of the centerboard with a nail gun. Stain and finish and you will be done! We love this paneling idea for walls because it’s simple but very effective!

Layout #4 – Combination


There are many ways to create unique combinations of Pine and Cedar paneling. The design illustrated here is a combination of vertical and diagonal cut to 45°. The widths of the boards and the widths of each section can be tailor-made to fit your preferences. If you understand the guidelines for layouts #2 and #3, you can install this combination yourself. (Click here for more combinations of wall paneling.)

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Amazing Knotty Pine