You’ve decided to add prefinished log siding to your new cabin, and you’re asking yourself, what comes next? Before you order anything, you should think about saving a lot of time and effort by using pre-finished log siding instead of raw siding. In case this thought never crossed your mind, many homeowners are choosing this type of exterior wall covering to get the cabin up and move in sooner.

Pre-finished log siding is just what it sounds like – wood wall covering that is already finished before it is delivered to your home or building site. Leading companies produce both knotty pine and cedar boards that are light and convenient to use. Pre-finished siding comes with the same tongue and groove, end-matching system as unfinished wood. 

Pre-finished Log Siding Is a Builder’s Dream Come True

If you want to put up siding fast and have fun doing it, this wood wall covering is what you need. Pre-finished siding has benefits you can appreciate before and after you install it including:

  • If you don’t like staining and finishing, you will be happy to let someone else do it.
  • Our pre-finishing process saves you up to 50% compared to on-the-site work.
  • The finishes are applied inside in a controlled atmosphere out of the elements.
  • We take no shortcuts – finish is applied to ALL surfaces!
  • You won’t experience any delays with the weather or hiring a painter.
  • Your exterior wall covering arrives on your job site already sealed for protection.

See how the hand-hewn log siding looks with three different stain colors below.


      Butternut Finish                       Natural Finish                             Cedar Finish

Our technicians apply the finishes in a process that meets and exceeds the stain manufacturer’s warranty requirements. You have the option of order Quarter Log, Half Log, or Premier Log with either a smooth or hand-hewn surface. The hand-hewn siding provides an authentic hand-peeled or axed surface.  

Corner options are pre-finished to match the exterior log siding. You can add pre-finished siding or paneling to the interior of your cabin. We apply the appropriate stain and clear coat on all interior materials to provide a dazzling look. There are many colors our technicians can apply, feel free to contact us with questions about siding or finishes. Reading this guide, everything you need to know about living in a cabin will give you a great idea of how these finishes can complement your interior.

Trim and Molding Must Be Applied Before the Siding Is Installed

Our company mills all the trim and molding you will ever need for the exterior and interior of your cabin. The four favorite styles of pre-finished exterior trim/molding are illustrated below.

               Quarter Log Siding Trim                                   Half Log Siding Trim



2×6 D-Trim                 3×4 D-Trim                 3×6 D-Trim                    4×4 D-Trim

As you can see, half log siding trim is thicker than quarter log siding trim to match the thickness of the log siding you choose. All styles are sturdy and durable and do not change dimensions with the weather like full logs do.

Exterior trim is installed before the siding is put up. Place it around doors, windows, and corners. Pre-finished trim and molding are so easy to work with. Nail it with nail gun, and you’re finished. It saves so much labor and material you will never regret using pre-finished trim. Many retirees are building log cabins and homes to live out their lives. Read more about this here.  

Did You Know Pre-finished Log Siding Can Be Ordered Online?

The highest quality log siding and trim can easily be ordered online from our mill and shipped directly to you. The WoodWorkers Shoppe located in Comins, Michigan is America’s leader in log cabin and home building products. Our siding and trim are crafted with care from start to finish because we pay close attention to detail.

We harvest the best pine and cedar trees from controlled forests that are sustainable. The wood products are milled with precision, correctly kiln dried, and stored in ideal conditions awaiting your orders. Our wood products come with a warranty that backs up the quality of our work. Our technicians and staff are specially trained to provide you with the best customer service possible in the industry.

All our wood products are hand-inspected for defects to assure you of the highest quality materials available. We take every step possible to reduce the possibility of pitch bleeding by drying each piece at 180° under controlled conditions. We know you want quality and we will settle for nothing else. Take the time to view our complete website and place an order. You can even order a sample box of materials to examine at nominal cost to get a sense of what our wood wall covering looks like before you order the siding and trim products.

A Testimonial Gives a Realistic View

“Just a quick email to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I had purchased the quarter sawn 2 x 8 some time ago from your company and every piece went together nicely. I did not find one bad piece in the whole two pallets!! Thank you so much!! (Loren from Michigan)