Tongue and Groove Knotty Pine
Knotty Pine paneling is still one of the most popular interior wall materials for log cabins and homes. Although it lost favor during the 60s, 70s, and 80s, it has come back stronger than ever before. Gone are the days when homeowners used 4’x8’ sheets of simulated paneling. Today’s high-quality tongue and groove paneling is fashioned from real wood that has lasting beauty and durability. Here are the 5 reasons why tongue and groove paneling for walls is the best format.

You’ll find the sizes that are convenient to use, features that allow fast installation, and these choices:

  • Smooth/raw surfaces
  • Faux barn wood profile
  • Pre-finished paneling
  • Vintage reclaimed look
  • Cedar, if you prefer it

Old-Style Paneling Boards and Sheets Don’t Do Your Log Home Justice

Old-style Paneling comes in long boards of 12’ to 16’ that are difficult to handle and work. They lack tongue and groove with end-matching features that allow them to lock together and lay flat. Old-style boards can cup even after they are installed and present a distracting look.

Sheets of Paneling in 4’x8’ sizes were once popular, but by today’s standards are flimsy building materials and look cheap. You see little of them in home improvement stores because they’ve lost their aesthetic value and durability. Modern tongue and groove planks have this all beat!

Reason #1 – Tongue and Groove Paneling Is a Builder’s Favorite

Whether you hire a contractor or do the work yourself, it’s easy to see why tongue and groove paneling is a favorite material for walls and ceilings. These high-quality planks provide:

  • Consistently sized planks made to precise dimensions
  • Tight-fitting joints on both sides of the panels
  • A flat wall or ceiling surface that does not cup
  • Convenient sizes that are lightweight to handle
  • No splinters, loose knots, or imperfections.

Use a nail gun to secure them to the studs – it’s just that easy!

Tongue and Groove Knotty Pine

Reason #2 – End-matching Saves Time, Material, and Money

Combined with tongue and groove features, the end-matching system saves time, material, and money. The ends of each tongue and groove wall panel board have unique features that lock to the next one anywhere between studs. There’s no need to saw them to butt end-to-end on studs. This feature saves time measuring, sawing and installing them. You will save up to 20% in labor and up to 20% in material waste.

Reason #3 – Homeowners Can Install Tongue and Groove Panels

Installing tongue and groove paneling is easy enough to understand that homeowners with essential woodworking skills and tools can do the job. If you fit this profile, you can save a bundle by eliminating the carpenter or contractor. Use the savings to purchase other needed or wanted items for your log cabin or home.

Reason #4 – Pre-finished Paneling Speeds Up the Work

If you want to finish a paneling project even faster, order pre-finished paneling materials. The panels are ready to put up when your order arrives – it’s that simple. Pre-finished paneling is generated in our mill’s finishing rooms by expert technicians.
We finish each board to perfection with no runs, sags, or drips to present a professional look. All our finishes are low VOC for your safety and protection. Let us do the work for you so you don’t spend the time applying stain or clear coats to the panels. This way you don’t smell the finish’s odor when drying and you don’t need to clean up the left-overs.

Last #5 – Prices Are Affordable for Any Size Log Home

Unfinished paneling is not as costly as you might expect. It’s only $1.08 per sq. ft. for the best Knotty Pine paneling you can find. Wait, that’s not all; look as these sale prices going on now:
1×4 Knotty Pine Paneling – 25% off!!!
1×4 Pine Pre-finished Paneling – 20% off
1×6 Knotty Pine Paneling – 10% off!!!

Save even more with our ‘Value Line’ paneling that comes in 6” and 8” widths and in lengths of 1 to 8 feet. We look at every piece of paneling to eliminate the natural imperfections in the wood. This process leaves us with some very nice random lengths of paneling. The shorter pieces are blended with longer lengths to create our Value Line grade paneling. This affordable wood paneling is also available in pre-finished clear.

You’ll Need Trims, Molding, and Flooring

No log cabin or home construction is complete without the finishing touches of trims, molding, and flooring. Order matching door, window, baseboard, and inside and outside corner trim along with your order of Knotty Pine paneling. We offer pine base and casing, colonial, three-bead, and round-over. You’ll love selecting from these additional trim and molding profiles:

  • Pine crown molding
  • Colonial chair rail
  • Ceiling wood trim
  • 3-beaded chair rail
  • Quarter round
  • Cove and base shoe

We also mill high-quality pine flooring for all your rooms. If you have questions about your needs or our products, call (800) 818-9971 to talk to a paneling expert.

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