Knotty pine wood tongue and groove paneling is a wall and ceiling covering made from Norway & white pine trees. It is considered a softwood, as opposed to hardwoods like oak and maple. Pinewood products are beautiful and rustic looking with knots, color variations, and mineral streaks.       Knotty Pine Paneling

Pine is less expensive than most woods because it is more readily available. The best wood is grown on Federal & State planted natural forests under ideal growing conditions. Trees are sawn into boards, and then into planks or panels.


Knotty Pine paneling has been used in log cabins and homes for decades. It is the traditional wall covering of choice over painted drywall, for homes and cabins on the lake or in the woods because of its rustic and natural look.  Other countries also use Knotty Pine extensively.

While this type of paneling’s popularity waned after extensive use in the 1930s to the 1960s, it is making a strong comeback.  Manufacturing panels from pine trees keep wood mills busier than ever before as many homeowners are finding that bringing nature into their homes helps to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, homeowners can stain pine many different colors to match any home décor.

The Creation of Knotty Pine Wood Tongue and Groove Paneling

Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove PanelingAfter cutting the dried pine boards to the required length and width, we machine to create the tongues and grooves. We make the tongues by removing the same amount of wood from both the top and bottom of the board and the grooves by cutting slots the same widths and a little deeper than the tongues. Tongues and grooves are cut on both sides of each panel.

The end-matching design adds another dimension to our modern paneling. We cut tongues and grooves on the ends, so the panels fit tightly together from end to end. This allows joints between studs instead of end butting on studs. Joining many paneling boards together makes a single flat surface.

Our knotty pine wood tongue and groove panels eliminate nail and screws heads from showing on the surface by allowing the installer to nail at the base of the tongue. Our team at the WoodWorkers Shoppe in Comins, Michigan originated this system which has turned this method into an industry standard.


Variations of Knotty Pine Wood Tongue and Groove Paneling

Knotty Pine Paneling is available in many configurations to match the tastes of various cabin and homeowners. You will find the best selection of variations online – not in your local DIY stores.


Paneling comes in smooth, weathered barn wood, beadboard, and wainscoting variations. Most owners adorn their cabins with traditional smooth knotty pine paneling which comes from the mill ready to install.Knotty Pine Beadboard

Weathered boards are created by a unique process that transforms new wood into old-looking pieces shaped by the elements. Beadboard is paneling made in narrow boards with an indention between them that forms a “bead.” Wainscoting is paneling that is installed from the floor on up to about 32” to 48” above the floor. Visit this site to see illustrations of each option.


This type of paneling is typically ¾” thick with widths of 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8,” and comes in convenient random lengths of 8’ or less. If you are looking for a deal, Value Line Grade paneling comes in shorter random lengths and is priced below the regular price.


You can find pre-finished paneling with a clear coat, or stained to various colors. The range of colors will fit anyone’s preferences and budget. Buy it now while it is on sale.

The Best Place to Buy Knotty Pine Paneling

Your log cabin or home will be the best it can be with high-quality knotty pine wood tongue and groove paneling from the WoodWorkers Shoppe. All our products have the following features:

  • Cut from select trees grown on Federal & State controlled natural forests.
  • Each piece is kiln dried to the correct moisture content.
  • All boards are precisely cut to exacting dimensions.
  • Each panel is hand-inspected to ensure there are no defects.
  • They are stored in controlled conditions to prevent cupping and bowing.

Our Mill in Comins, Michigan

Our prices are competitive, and our service is next to none. Talk to one of our Knotty Pine Paneling experts about your wood product needs. Give us a call at (800) 818-9971 and let us supply everything you need to panel your walls and ceiling.

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