Reclaimed wood is very popular today for cabin and home walls and ceilings. It has its own advantages, although its disadvantages outweigh them. Reclaimed wood is recycled wood products from old barns, homes, sheds, and other structures. Modern weathered paneling is surpassing reclaimed wood in use nationwide.

Why used modern milled weathered wood paneling?  Here are some problems with old wood:

  • It is becoming scarcer and more expensive
  • Nails, staples, or screws may be present
  • Overlooking the above can ruin a saw blade
  • Reclaimed wood may contain toxins
  • It must be ripped for consistent sizing
  • Reclaimed wood may smell foul
  • It may contain live insects

Any way you look at it, you don’t want these issues for wall boards in your cabin or home. Avoid all of them with great looking weathered paneling by today’s millworks.

Weathered Barn Wood Paneling Has It All Beat

Why You Should Use Weathered Paneling Instead of Reclaimed WoodGet the real barn wood look for your walls and ceilings with modern barn wood paneling. It is eco-friendly and has a water-based low VOC finish that is safe to use. Two popular colors are smoky gray and red. The reclaimed wood look is created by a special manufacturing process that simulates grain, natural characteristics, and depth. If you like rustic patina, you will love our weathered paneling!

There are more choices to please you. If you don’t like the old weathered reclaimed limber look, you can order board siding paneling in raw form. You can stain and finish it to the colors of your choice. Get all of this with less cost and problems than reclaimed wood.

Today’s leading millworks create authentic looking weathered barn wood. It looks like nature and the weather have done its job for many decades. There are no cupping boards, no sorting, and no nail pulling. Why go through the issues when it is not necessary.

The paneling discussed here is neat, clean, and ready to install. Homeowners with a few skills and basic tools can install it fast and have fun doing it.

You Have More Choices for Walls and Ceilings

You have several choices with weathered gray or red barn wood. Many of us don’t know the following list exists. Our weathered wood paneling adds a rustic look to any cabin or home. Here are some ideas:
  • Use it for trim around doors and windows as well as for paneling.
  • Tongue and groove 6” and
  • 8” wide pieces are ready to install.
  • Other colors are available for your personal tastes.
  • Leading suppliers cut, dry, and mill the wood in the U.S.
  • It is available from most dealers in convenient 8’ lengths.
  • There is virtually no waste of materials and time.
  • Buy it now while it is on sale.

Our weathered wood paneling can be ordered with matching pine or cedar trim and molding. You will find it in 1×4 and 1×5 boards for trimming around doors, windows, baseboards, and chair rails. It’s also available in round-over casing and baseboard. Need inside and outside corner trim? You can get this too. Rustic barn wood paneling can be used for exterior walls under a porch roof. Imagine and do!

Why Tongue and Groove Panel Boards Are Superior to Older Styles

You Have More Choices for Walls and Ceilings

Modern tongue and groove paneling with end-matching has revolutionized the wallboard industry. This innovative method of milling wood was developed by WoodWorkers Shoppe in Comins, Michigan. It has become the industry standard for saving time, money, and labor.

You can see from this video how the panel boards fit together for tight joints on the sides and ends. Each board is cut to the same dimension to make perfect joints. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Install with a nail gun and cut the ends of the boards where necessary.

Homeowners can elect to hire a carpenter to install the paneling or do it themselves. All it takes is a video, some basic woodworking skills, and simple tools. If you do the work yourself you will experience joy in helping to create your own home. This will be something you will cherish and tell friends and family about for years to come.