How to Panel Your Log Cabin on a Budget - log home panelingIf you want to completely remodel your home on a budget, you should try Value Line Grade Paneling. You get the same high-quality log home paneling, but with less cost on this product. This inexpensive paneling option is a win-win proposition no matter how you look at it.

Value Line Grade Paneling is the product of cutting out the natural imperfections in the wood. Each piece of paneling is hand inspected for defects and quality. Random lengths of quality paneling are left after the natural defects are sawed off. This results in shorter lengths of wall paneling that are available at a bargain price. Your order will include longer lengths mixed with the shorter lengths as well.

The majority of these inexpensive paneling boards are between 8 feet and 3 feet and a few areas short as 1 foot in length. In no sense is Value Line a stack of rejects with loose knots or minor defects. You get premium graded knotty pine paneling suitable for any log cabin or home.

It’s a win-win situation when you purchase Value Line Grade Paneling from a leading dealer to remodel your home on a budget. There’s many reasons to purchase our inexpensive wood paneling for your walls, ceilings, and more:

  • The discounted price is low!
  • You get almost half of your order for free.
  • It is value – a premium product for a low price
  • The millwork benefits because they are able to sell some shorter pieces.
  • Value Line is also available in clear pre-finished panels.

When you stop to think about it, random lengths of wallboard is one of the popular trends today. Why not take advantage of it by order enough Value Line Grade Paneling to do the job.

What Satisfied Customers Think About Value Line Grade Paneling

log home panelingAs you would expect, customers are happy to get a bargain on home building materials that reduce the overall cost of the project. The following are typical responses from many customers:

  • The paneling is high quality.
  • It is easy to install in any room.
  • My order was filled accurately.
  • I will recommend this product to my neighbors.
  • Your order exceeded my expectations.
  • There was no waste and the price is right.
  • My small order got the same treatment as my large order.
  • These Knotty Pine boards are outstanding!

There you have it. Satisfied customers are happy to pass on their experiences to friends and family alike. We know you will be happy with our Value Line Grade Paneling and all other log cabin wood building materials. Our inexpensive paneling is a great way to remodel your home on a budget.

Now Is the Time to Act to Get Additional Sale Prices

There is more to come with other log siding and paneling products. Just take a look at these sale and clearance prices! You won’t find better bargains anywhere. We welcome all orders from small to large. Let us help you with any of the following items.

Sale Items
(Freight Discounts Apply)



Sale Price

Rough Sq. Ft. Cost

2×6 Pine 1/4 Log
Limited time only!

Sale on now!

20% off

$2.23 / sq.ft

2×8 Pine 1/4 Log
Limited time only!

Sale on now!

20% off

$2.22 / sq.ft

3×6 Pine Pine 1/2 Log
Limited time only!

Sale on now!

25% off

$3.47 / sq.ft

3×8 Pine Pine 1/2 Log
Limited time only!

Sale on now!

20% off

$3.68-$4.35 / sq.ft

3×10 Pine Premier 1/2 Log Hand Hewn

Sale on now!

25% off 

$4.06 / sq.ft

3×10 Pine Premier 1/2 Log Smooth

Sale on now! (limited supply)

30% off

$3.80 / sq.ft

1×4 Knotty Pine Bead-Board Paneling 

Sale on now! 

 30% off

$1.51 / sq.ft unfinished

1×4 WPP White Pine Paneling

(While supplies last!)

30% off

$1.12 / sq.ft

1×5 WPP White Pine Paneling

(Only a small amount on hand)

15% off

$1.13 / sq.ft

1×4 Knotty Pine Paneling

Super Hot!!!

30% off

$1.02 / sq.ft

1×5 Knotty Pine Paneling


15% off

$1.12 / sq.ft

Standard Gray Barnwood Paneling


10% off

1×4 KPP Prefinished Paneling 

22,352 LF
(6,426 sq.ft.)

25% off

$1.77 / sq.ft.

1×5 KPP Prefinished Paneling 

16,298 LF
(6,050 sq.ft.)

10% off

$1.81 / sq.ft.

 Ship Lap 3″ nominal in pine (see Below)

30,160 LF Hot!!!
(7,540 sq. ft.)

25% off 

$1.21 / sq.ft. 

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