Complement Your Log Home with Great Looking Rustic Molding

Your rustic log home is not finished until it’s adorned with matching rustic molding. Our rustic molding sets off each room beautifully and covers joints and cracks while complementing your log home decor. There are a number of choices for cabins and homes that provide that traditional log look. Leading suppliers have everything you need from plain flat molding to unbelievable crown molding to do the job.

Begin with the Basics

Rustic Molding






Basic interior molding has its place in each room of the house. Typically, you will get an instructional video with your order of log trim molding. It’s best to watch the video online before you order so you will see the “big picture” of molding applications. Here are the basic types you will need to completely complement your log home decor.

  • Around doors and windows
  • Inside and outside corners
  • Baseboards
  • Ceiling trim
  • Chair railing

From here you need to decide if you want to order all types of molding or just some of them. Other decisions include the dimensions you prefer, the type of wood, and the finish.

Applications of Specific Trim and Molding Styles

Rustic Molding Styles

Obviously, not all types of rustic molding are alike. You must decide on styles as well as the size and type of wood. If your log home decor is made from Knotty Pine you should consider using the same wood for your rustic molding. Other homeowners use cedar or barn wood paneling with matching trim and molding. Leading suppliers will carry all three materials for your convenience.




Typically, homeowners choose between these types of trim and molding:

  • Half Log D-Trims
  • Colonial Base & Casing
  • Three Bead Base & Casing
  • Round-Over Base & Casing
  • Crown Molding for Ceilings
  • Colonial Chair Rail on the walls
  • 3-Beader Chair Rail on the walls
  • Ceiling Trim – Flat or Crown
  • Quarter Round, Cove, Base Shoe
  • Outside and Inside Corner Trim

Most casing and baseboards are available in 8 and 10-foot lengths. You can reduce waste by making room sizes close to these dimensions, when possible. The 10 foot lengths are great for rooms up to 20 feet long. Half Log D-Trims are specifically made to go around windows and doors. Typical sizes are 2 inches thick and 4 and 6-inch widths. The other types of trim above are self- explanatory after watching the online video.

How to Order and Install Pine, Cedar, and Barn Wood Trim and Molding

Trim Molding Rustic

You or your contractor can order all of the trim and molding needed based on your house plans. Plans show the number of windows and doors and the inside dimensions of each room. An old rule of thumb says to “order what you need and then a little more.” This is in case that:

  • You made a few mistakes in measurements
  • Some of the wood is damaged
  • A few pieces may be stolen

When ordering allow for pieces of baseboards, ceiling trim, and chair railing to be end-butted. Use the longest pieces possible to prevent too many end joints.

Installing the Trim and Molding

Once your order has arrived, check to make sure everything you need is included. Lay out the wood products and allow them to acclimate in the house for several days. In the meantime, you can gather up all of your tools, screws, nails, and watch the video several times.

Install the door and window trim before putting up interior log siding. Install the trim after paneling is used, not before. Cut the pieces to length, try a dry run, and then take one of the following approaches:

  • Install the Half Log D-Trims with screws and the other pieces with a nail gun, or
  • Apply the stain and finish first, then install the trim.

Use caution when standing on a ladder. Make sure it is secure and let another person hand the pieces up to you. Homeowners with a few basic skills can do the work.

Sources of Log Home Wood Products

Rustic Log Home Trim

It’s easier to find quality wood products than you might think. The WoodWorkersShoppe is America’s leading log home decor supplier. Their online site is easy to navigate and well illustrated with every product they sell. The customer service staff is very knowledgeable about building log cabins and homes. Their advice will be invaluable for making plans and placing trim and molding orders.

In addition to finding trim and molding, you will see a complete line of wood products and log home decor online.

  • Log Siding for the exterior and interior
  • Knotty Pine and Cedar Paneling
  • Corner Systems
  • Wood doors
  • Flooring and Decking
  • Stains and Finishes
  • Caulking and Chinking

Think about all the types of trim and molding you will need and place your order soon will many items are on sale. Each wood item is properly kiln dried and hand inspected for quality. You won’t find better log home products anywhere.