While typical molding may be OK in your log home, crown ceiling molding elevates the level of your home to a majestic masterpiece. Standard molding simply lacks the elegance that raises our eyes to the ceilings. Many people don’t think about this type of molding in a log home or cabin, but it is something to consider.crown molding

Wood crown molding is designed to finish the top edges of walls and to cap cabinets and pilasters. Crown is also used to create cornice assemblies and finish the area above doors and windows. It adds elegance in any home setting from a log home to a three-story mansion.


Wood crown molding works equally well with walls made from Knotty Pine or Cedar paneling, drywall, and log siding. It takes skill to cut the angles and mount it correctly, but you can learn the necessary skills with a little practice. After you finish the project, you can stand back and appreciate the beauty of the molding and your ability to install it.

Crown Molding & Colonial Chair Rail   

Install Crown MoldingIf you want to set your log home apart from others, install rustic wood crown molding in one or more rooms. Stain it to the color of your choice, finish with a clear coat, and install with a nail gun. It’s rewarding to know your work will last a lifetime for all to enjoy and admire.
If you need samples of trim and molding to help make your decision, order a sample box. Keep in mind that the crown molding and chair rail are not part of this sample box unless you ask for it. Here is a list of the sample pieces.

Why Install Crown Molding

Installing wood crown molding adds a visual appeal to ceilings and cabinets as nothing else can. It fits right in with older homes to enhance the décor and also adds to the rustic look of log homes. This molding provides a smooth visual transfer between the vertical features in a house and the horizontal. It looks especially nice on kitchen and bathroom cabinet tops.

Also, did you know that crown molding can increase the value of a home by hundreds of dollars? If you want to add a distinctive look to your home, install the appropriate size of crown molding in any room.

How Wood Crown Molding is Milled

After cutting the pine or cedar wood to the correct length, width, and thickness, millworks form the crown on a machine called a shaper. The shaper uses many different cutting tools to create a  crown molding by expertsvariety of designs on the boards. Millworks use larger and more sophisticated machines than homeowners to produce large amounts of high-quality molding.

Cutting the Correct Corners and Angles

Once your order of crown molding arrives, corners must be cut to the correct angles and then installed. You may elect to create the angles yourself, if you have the skills, and are patient. Getting them just right is tricky, and that’s why you should do some additional research on how to cut crown molding with This Old House before starting your project.

Your Chair Rail Molding Ideas Will Add Another Distinctive Touch to Walls

What is chair rail molding? This type of molding is installed on walls to prevent damage from the backs of chairs and to divide walls into pleasing proportions. Careless moving of chairs can dent, scratch, or chip any type of wall material from wood paneling to drywall. Wood chair rails are installed at the height of chair tops, typically anywhere from 32” to 42” above the floors, depending on your chair heights.

Chair Rail Molding

The wood chair rails pictured above is a typical shape made from pine wood, and the homeowner is installing it with a nail gun. Most homeowners use a single board for wood chair rails unless the room is large enough to require two pieces. Use a scarf cut to join two pieces when required on longer walls and 45° cuts for inside and outside corners.


American’s Leading Log Home Supplier Has Crown  and Chair Rail Molding

Our team at the Wood Workers Shoppe is ready to supply crown and chair rail molding for all your needs. With the designs and sizes to complement any log home or cabin. We believe there are many reasons you should choose us over competing businesses including:

  • We use only high-quality wood, cut from select pine and cedar trees.
  • All our molding is kiln dried to the correct moisture content.
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  • We store the molding in such a way that it remains flat and in perfect condition.
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We are the experts on molding products for log homes and cabins and have been supplying America’s need for decades.

Woodworkers Shoppe

In addition to crown molding and wood chair rails, we mill and stock the following products:

  • Paneling: Knotty pine, cedar, barnwood, and pre-finished
  • All types of interior and exterior trim and molding
  • Flooring, decking, wood doors, mantles, and trusses
  • Beam covers, trusses, and cabinetry
  • Stairways, railings, and lighting

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