No log home is complete without natural wood stairs and railings leading to the second floor, loft, or basement. Pine stairways fit the décor of log homes and cabins like the perfect size gloves fit your hand. The stairs pictured here complement the rustic and cozy atmosphere of this beautiful home and beam in the sunlight.Timber Stair Treads

Here at the Wood Workers Shoppe, we make sturdy, durable wood stairs and railings with the following parts that are safe and secure:

  • Full-log Stringers
  • Half-log Treads
  • Log Railings
  • Log Posts
  • Knotty Pine & Cedar
  • Timber & Natural Log Styles

Tip: Install only the finest quality stairs and railings, and you will never have to worry about their performance. Make sure you mount and secure them with high-quality screws and fasteners to ensure their safety.

Items Included in a Stairway System OrderTimber Stairway

When you order wood stairs and railings from the WoodWorkers Shoppe, you get the finest Pine or Cedar products available because:

  • They are made from select trees.
  • Stairs and railings are kiln dried to perfection.
  • We cut each piece to exacting dimensions to ensure consistency.
  • Our stairs and railings are free of defects.
  • Your choice of half-log or traditional flat timber treads.

You get all the elements listed in the previous section to form a complete stairway system. The stringers are cut to provide the correct height between steps and the right width of treads on Timber style systems, then crafted to make walking up or down an easy process for any age from child to adult.

Additionally, when you buy from us, you get our guarantee you will be pleased with every part of your stairway system order. Since we mill each piece to the highest standards, the assembly is easy and secure. With simple tools and some basic carpentry skills, you can install them yourself.

 Do You Prefer Knotty Pine or Cedar?

Both Knotty Pine and Cedar are perfect woods for stair and railing systems. Typically, pine is used indoors while cedar is reserved for outdoor use. You should consider both their appearance and cost to find the option that best meets your needs. Pine provides the appearance of traditional log cabin living with its darker colored knots and mineral streaks. It is a sturdy wood that is easy to saw, drill, sand, stain, and finish.

Cedar also provides the same appearance of traditional log cabin living as Pine with knots and mineral streaks. However, with cedar, you get the added bonus of darker color variations. The delightful aroma of cedar never gets tiring.  Additionally, cedar’s natural oils make it more resistant to moisture and insects making it an ideal choice for a rustic staircase to your front door or a porch. Do keep in mind that Cedar wood products typically cost more than Knotty Pine.

Your Stairs and Railings Will Be Custom Fitted

When you place an order with us, your items are hand-crafted out of Knotty Pine or Cedar in our custom wood shop. Each stairway system is made to order by our specialists using your exact specifications and dimensions. Ordering your wood stairs and railings is simple, just:

It’s that easy to order one, two, or more custom fitted natural stairs & railings systems. We take our time to craft each piece to the correct size to fit your stairway openings and use state-of-the-art tools and equipment for the fabrication of your wood products. Our experts are specially trained and educated in the millwork business to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship in the log home industry.

View This Gallery of Custom Stairs and Railings with Anticipation

Wouldn’t you agree that any of these beautifully crafted wood stairs and railings would fit perfectly in any log home? The rails, posts, stringers, and half-log steps are shaped to resemble old-time homes with all their charm and beauty. Those shown below are made of Knotty Pine and enhance the atmosphere in a way that wood with less character cannot.

 Half Log Stairway Log Railing and Log Stairwaylog stairway


Ordering the Highest Quality Wood Products

Shop with us at the Wood Workers Shoppe, America’s leader for log home building products to get the quality, price, and service you are looking for. We are located Comins, Michigan and have been milling Pine and Cedar into fine home products for discerning homeowners for many years. We take pride in producing the highest quality stairway systems money can buy.

In addition to wood stairs and railings, our craftsmen make a wide selection of home needs including:

  • Log siding for exterior and interior use
  • Pine and Cedar paneling
  • Trim and molding
  • Flooring and decking
  • Beams and mantles
  • Corner systems
  • Beam covers
  • Kitchen and bath cabinetry

Browse our extensive website for your log home or cabin needs and give us a call today at   (800) 818-9971 for a consultation and estimate. Also, check our delivery and policy options here. We want you for our customer and will do everything possible to satisfy you.