A Rainbow of Colors for Your Log Home

Today’s choice of wood siding stain colors has expanded greatly over just a few decades ago. In the past almost all log homes shared the same hue of brown for their exteriors. As homeowners have become more stylish and choosy, manufacturers or stains and finishes have expanded their lines to a rainbow of colors for your log home.

Pine, Cedar, or Barnwood log siding in their natural colors are popular today. Clean them after installation and apply a durable clear finish and you will be all set. More and more people want something different that appeals more to their personal tastes. We will take a closer look at which wood siding stain colors are available for today’s log homes.

Exterior Log Siding

Quarter log, half log, and Premier D log siding all look good on today’s log homes and cabins. Our advice is to stain them a color you will be pleased with for years to come. Few homeowners want to paint their exteriors with a solid color. That may be OK for board and batten exteriors but not for log homes. There many cedar and pine stain colors available from Sikkens Company.

The range of wood siding stain colors from this company is amazing. They all look rustic and will fit the décor of any cabin or home. The choice is yours. If you want a wider range of wood siding stain colors think about another leading stain manufacturer, Perma-Chink. Their color chart is also amazing.

You are no longer confined to a natural clear finish for siding, corner systems, and trim. Any of the above wood siding stain colors will look great on your log siding. Get together with all those who will live in your household and make a pleasing color decision. Down through the years you have the option of changing colors to meet your preference. You can’t lose with any of these log cabin colors.

Interior Log Siding and Paneling

Interior Log Siding and PanelingPopular log homes and cabins have log siding or paneling on the interior walls. They too can be stained to the color of your choice. Two popular options are to color the interior the same as the exterior. Another is to vary the colors of exteriors and individual rooms.

Some homeowners want different shades of stain to match furniture, furnishings, and accessories from room to room. This can be easily accomplished. You can stain your wall, hire a painter, or order pre-finished wood. This latter choice will save a lot of time and reduce waste. Plus, you don’t have to clean up all the mess.

Having your wood products stained at the millworks is an exacting process undertaken in a highly controlled environment. The wood is first kiln dried to the proper moisture content and then stained under controlled humidity levels. The technicians apply the stain perfectly and you don’t have to worry about it.

Exterior and Interior Trim

A range of exterior and interior trim and molding is available to finish the siding and paneling jobs. While we are at it, Knotty Pine or Cedar paneling can be used as a ceiling. Here is another area to stain and decorate your home. The paneling is tongue and groove with end-matching for fast and easy installation.

You will need trim around doors, windows, corners, and electrical boxes. This seals up the spaces and joints and adds to the beauty of a home. You will find a of trim and molding to fit your needs.

Two popular approaches to trim and molding are to go with light and heavy sizes. The smaller pieces of trim cost less but may not give the rustic look you desire. Either choice comes in a simple style and a more modern style.

Mixing and Matching Colors

Mixing and Matching ColorsNow the fun begins. You can mix and match your wood siding stain colors to coordinate or contrast with each other. Create a unique theme of colors inside your home with your own imagination by mixing wood tones. You will be the envy of every log homeowner that comes to visit.

If you are not skilled at selecting stain colors you may want to use the services of an interior decorator or painter. This is something you want to get right the first time so you don’t need to redo any of the work. The right combination of log cabin paint colors will look like a dream come true.

What Will You Choose

We’ve explored some practical ideas for adding color to the inside and outside of your log home. It will be much easier to construct a home with log siding rather than full logs. It will also be easier to stain and finish the house.

You can get the full log look with siding without the high cost of full logs. Leading companies will carry a full line of log siding, paneling, trim, doors, corner systems, floors and much more. Now is a good time to make your plans for a spring build.