A Log Vacation Home Has It All

A log home is ideal for those of you who want to own and/or rent your vacation home. Vacation homes are typically located in the great outdoors on a lake, in the woods, or in the mountains. Some are built out in the country for a nice weekend get away from city life. Outdoor activities like boating, water skiing, fishing, hiking, and picnicking all go along nicely with a log home. The rustic appeal is universal among all age groups. A log vacation home has all the comforts of home and everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors and all of those future get-aways.

There are a number of important decisions to initially make before you start building a log vacation home. Give them a lot of thought because your project will be a major investment. Think about: 

  • Select an area that meets your needs
  • Negotiate the price of a lot
  • Check for any building restrictions
  • Find out about the neighbors
  • Select a reputable contractor
  • Make the drawings and plans
  • Decide how much work you will perform
  • Get an accurate cost estimate and time line
  • Obtain the building permits

This is enough to get your started on your log vacation home. Once completed it will be a joy to use it with family and friends. Perhaps you might hold business meetings in int. You can even rent it out a few months each year to help pay for it. Either path you take is a winner.

Choose a Log Siding Home Instead of a Full Log Home

Choose a Log Siding Home Instead of a Full Log HomeFull log homes look great, but they do have some major drawbacks. It’s good you’re reading this before signing a contract with a full log home builder. A home built with log cabin exterior siding has a number of advantages most people like. Let’s examine the major ones:

  • Log cabin exterior siding provides the full log look without the full log cost.
  • You will not need heavy equipment to stack the logs for walls and roofing.
  • Full log construction generally requires good weather so trucks and heavy equipment wont get stuck in mud or snow.
  • You can build a log siding vacation home almost any time of the year.
  • Log cabin exterior siding is much lighter weight and can easily be handled by one or two people.
  • The siding goes up fast and easily on both the exterior and interior.
  • Homeowners with basic skills and tools can install most, if not all of the siding.

You will also find it’s fun to do some of the work. Put yourself into the action and you will never forget being part of the construction. It will help you will bond with your log home.

Don’t Forget the Interior

If you like the idea of a full log home but just can’t afford one, you need to install log siding on the interior walls of your vacation home. This gives the appearance of using whole round logs and most people can’t tell the difference. Log siding for the interior and exterior comes in tongue and groove boards with the end-matching system. If you’re not familiar with this woodworking design we will explain it.

Tongue and groove with end-matching means the boards are cut on the sides and ends to fit together tightly. There are no gaps or cracks between the boards. They have these advantages:

They do not need to end butt on studs. You can place them end to end anywhere between the studs and they make a secure joint.

This eliminates the old fashioned way of cutting boards to fit the studs. This approach wastes a lot of material and labor time.

You can watch a video to show how to install the log siding with basic skills and tools.

The walls go up quickly and easily with a nail gun.

It’s amazing how fast you can do the work. If you call in a work party of family and friends you can get a lot done in one day. Try it – you will like this system. You can have the complete log home now – inside and out. The video will show you how to install the trim around windows, doors, and corners. A log home has it all – rustic beauty, charm, back to nature, and fun!

Find All of Your Log Home Needs In One Place

Find All of Your Log Home Needs In One PlaceThe WoodWorkers Shoppe carries a full line of log home wood products. Find everything you need in one place online. Maneuvering through their website is easy. You will find:

  • Log cabin exterior siding with smooth or hand-hewn surfaces
  • Pre-finished log siding in smooth or hand-hewn
  • Wood trim, molding, and corner systems
  • Pine floors, doors, and stair systems
  • Finishes and caulking

This company is America’s leader in log home products. Their wood products are properly kiln dried to perfection and come defect free. Every item is guaranteed. Check the sales they are running now to find what you need at America’s best prices on log cabin exterior siding.