Mixing Wood Tones in a Log Home Looks Fantastic

There’s a new trend in log homes and it’s picking up speed – mixing wood tones and it looks fantastic. In the past, almost all homeowners painted or finished the walls in one room one color or stain or one finish throughout the entire house. This is all passé now.

Mixing wood tones during a log home remodeling project is not all about the walls. You should think about mixing wood finishes on these surfaces:

  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Doors
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Lighting

Mixing Wood Tones in a Log Home Looks FantasticAs an example, typical log furniture serves as a neutral color scheme and mixes with a wide range of colors and interior decorating. Darker log furniture in a log home works well with light colored walls and ceilings. The furniture trend is getting away from complete matching sets in one room or the whole house. Mix it up for a unique look throughout your home.

Here is a selection of wood tones from a major company. Colors play a major role in mixing wood finishes during a log home remodeling project. They can connect objects and create an atmosphere. Some people are mixing modern touches with traditional log cabin or home appeal. They may have one bedroom or the kitchen that is conventional and the rest of the house made a log appeal. Think about the intensity and hue of colors because they can affect the mood of a room or the entire home.


Ceilings can be made of drywall or Knotty pine paneling, either of which can be painted a variety of colors. White accomplishes two things: a brighter area and creates a larger looking space. White affects your choice of other room elements like walls, floors, and furniture. They can be medium or dark tones. Other colors may be to your liking. You can go with off-white or a medium tone or the popular two-tone.

Staining the paneling on the ceilings is another major choice during your log home remodeling project. You can put a clean finish to keep is a natural look or stain it with a darker tone. Ceilings and walls do not need to match. Most people want a lighter ceiling compared to the walls.


Log siding walls come in different widths and thicknesses. Log siding walls come in different widths and thicknesses. The wider and thicker logs give more of a traditional log home look. More narrow and less thick log siding creates more of a modern theme log home. Either way, they must be finished clear, stained or painted.

Knotty pine paneling for walls and flooring are typical combinations that blend together well. Knotty pine lends itself well to staining, clear finish, and painting. Mixing wood finishes on walls is making a major showing in log home remodeling projects today. Examine this gallery of walls and ceilings and you will see the comparison.


Tongue and groove Knotty pine floors are ideal for log cabins and homes. A clear finish will highlight the entire room and furnishings. One option is to use area rugs that are darker hues than the walls. Choose rug colors to coordinate furnishings and decorations.

Floors need a finish that is harder and more durable to hold up to all of the use and abuse they receive. Leading log home product dealers will have the perfect solution for all of your floor finishing needs. The question you want to answer is “To stain or not to stain.”


 Wood doors look great with wood or drywall.Doors for log homes are sturdy and generally come in 1 3/8” thicknesses and in standard widths and heights. Many come with knockdown pre-hung jams. Millworks will custom make your doors in Knotty Pine and Cedar. Wood doors look great with wood or drywall.

An interior door typically matches the woodwork finish in the room. Exterior doors are common with contrasting colors to the exterior and interior walls. Use your creativity here. Darker finishes tend to make the entranceway darker.

Furniture and Decorations

Log furniture fits the décor of a log home like nothing else can. Much of this furniture has a clear finish to highlight the knots, natural color and mineral streaks in the wood. The wood can be lightly stained and still retain its characteristics.

Think about all of your wall and other decorations before finishing the walls and ceilings during your log home remodeling project. Will your color combination please the eye? Avoid distracting mixes that are questionable to avoid refinishing later.


A combination of lighting can make a major difference on overcast days or highlight parts of rooms. A combination of lighting can make a major difference on overcast days or highlight parts of rooms. Recessed, track lighting or old fashioned lamps work well in log homes. To really brighten up a room you can use natural light bulbs.

Use various color bulbs to emphasize the feeling of a room or to highlight wall decorations or certain furniture items. Brighter lights allow darker wall finishes, floors, and furnishings. Use an appropriate color of light fixture finished to match your décor.

Winding It Up

Before finalizing your wood tones ideas, take the time to discuss them with a leading log home products company. They will have experts to guide you in mixing and matching colors for any room. Mixing wood tones can look fantastic and impress anyone who enters your home.