American icons never seem to go out of style. Images of the statue of liberty, Mount Rushmore, the bald eagle, and cowboys are etched in most people’s minds. One icon that everyone is familiar with is the traditional log cabin. They are found in every state of the union and many other countries from Europe to Asia.

Although some cabins and cottages are not made from full logs or log siding, log cabins are the most dominant. Thousands of Americans build log cabins and log homes every year and many more dream of them. They bring forth images of living outside the rat race and present a calming and rustic atmosphere to all that enter them. There are many reasons log cabins will never go out of style in the U.S.

Log Cabin Benefits

Log Cabins Connect Us with Our Past

When you think about your childhood, you’ll remember life was simpler then. Log cabins allow us to mentally and emotionally take steps back in time to a less stressful lifestyle. It’s a treat to spend weekends and vacations in a log cabin, or for that matter, live full-time in one.

If you have ancestors that lived in America in the country one hundred and fifty or more years ago, some probably lived in log cabins. Whether their cabins were on farms, in the woods, or by a river or creek, they were their cherished homes.

Log Cabins Are Healthy

Log Cabin Advantages

Log cabins are healthy because we escape several volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in some man-made materials. Full log and log siding cabins are constructed with natural wood products and provide a safer indoor atmosphere. Many cabin owners incorporate large windows so they can soak up the sunshine and let it warm them in the winter. You can also:

  • Feel mentally and emotionally calmer
  • motivation to adopt a more active lifestyle
  • Take pleasure in living in an eco-friendly home and ‘going green’

They Typically Come with an Open Concept

Log Cabin Lifestyle

Whether large or small, log cabin plans generally come with an open floor concept. Some walls and partitions found in conventional homes are missing as the roof and second-floor structures are supported with beams, posts, or heavy rafters in log homes.

Most cabins are built with a large common area or den that serves as the focal point. This spacious area is an ideal place for a fireplace, wood-burning stove, television, and lots of rustic furniture and furnishings. The kitchen and dining areas are off to one side and can be easily viewed from any vantage point.

“When you think about your childhood, you’ll remember life was simpler then. Log cabins allow us to mentally and emotionally take steps back in time to a less stressful lifestyle.”

Log Cabins Are Solid Structures

For the sake of discussing solid structures, consider the utility of a cabin or home built with log siding. The log siding gives you the full log look without the full log price.                                             

All the pieces tie the walls together snugly that allow the structure to withstand punishing winds and storms. Add a few strong beams and posts and you have a more solid cabin.

Log Cabin Lifestyle

Everyday Feels Like You’re on Vacation

Who doesn’t like a vacation? Living and working at home lets you go on vacation everyday you’re there. It’s like a lifestyle change every time you leave the hustle and bustle of the city and go there. You can live, breathe, and feel the refreshing feeling oozing out of every room in the cabin.

Log cabins are great for family togetherness because you can:

  • Develop a love of nature and enjoy clean, fresh air
  • Go hiking, fishing, swimming, or canoeing
  • Enjoy food that seems to taste just a little bit better
  • Go on long walks with the dog
  • Entertain friends, family, and work colleagues

Check out these additional benefits of living in a log cabin.

Log Cabins are Simply Cool

Attractive log cabins are head-turners that attract attention because they are ‘cool.’ They are fun to live in and work in if you have a home-based business. The current trend of building more log cabins and living off the grid is not going away anywhere in the near future. Plus, log cabins are environmentally friendly.

The Easiest and Most Economical Way to Build a Log Cabin

Save the high labor and material cost, construction worries, and maintenance issues with full logs by building with pine, cedar, or prefinished log siding. It can be attached to conventional framing by contractors without specialized training which therefore makes installation a breeze. Homeowners with basic woodworking skills and tools can do some of the work to save even more money.

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