Log home trends are growing by leaps and bounds in the U.S. because they are appealing. Regardless of a homeowner’s age, Income level, or where they live, the number of new log homes is increasing  at an unprecedented pace. Whether they resemble a simple cabin, a luxurious mansion, or anywhere in between, they are loved.

Log homes aren’t the only structures going up. Businesses are erecting them as retail stores, showrooms, warehouses, medical facilities, and small factories. The following reasons explain why they are so desirable and why you should consider one for your next home or getaway cottage. You may have more reasons to call one home.

Living in a Cabin is Comforting, Relaxing, and Awesome

For those of you who have ventured into a log home, how did the experience feel? Almost everyone who has spent some time in one relates how they felt a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Many wanted to stay  longer even though they had other appointments to attend. In short, visiting or living in a log home is plain awesome. With so many people working at home today, they should feel this aura 24/7.

Log Cabin designs

Advantages of Log Cabin Homes – They are Solidly Built and Durable

There’s no doubt that log homes are solidly built and last for generations when properly maintained. They are not made with thin man made metals or plastics and do not easily fade, rust, or become damaged.                                  

Log walls are thick, sturdy, and withstand harsh weather year-round. This home has log siding that is solidly anchored to the wall framing and stays put. You won’t have to worry about replacing it in a few years or decades because the siding is here to stay.

Log Cabin Designs for Homes Connect Us to a Simpler Life

Many of us are trying to find ways to make life simpler and less stressful. One of the most promising ideas to accomplish this is to live in a log home. The walls in this home are built with quarter log pine siding that is stained a beautiful and rustic color. The brick-lined fireplace adds another element of comfort and simplicity.

Living in a log home is psychologically good for us because it seems we can escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. For many, time seems to slow down so they can relax more during any part of the day.                           

Living in these dream homes prompts many to find simpler approaches to everyday living and returning to a former way of life. Many people on Facebook express their love for them.

Living in Log Homes

Living in Log Homes is Healthy and Good for the Environment

If you want to escape many of the volatile organic compounds found in modern building materials, try living in a log home. Suppliers of log home products are especially sensitive to our health by supplying wall, ceiling, trim, and flooring wood that is safe for indoors, as well as stain and clear coat products.

Log siding is especially environmentally friendly and “green” because the pine siding is milled from trees grown on sustainable tree farms. The same is true for pine paneling, flooring, trims, mantels, stairways, beams, and log trusses that can be reproduced down through the generations.

“There’s no doubt that log homes are solidly built and last for generations when properly maintained. They are not made with thin man made metals or plastics and do not easily fade, rust, or become damaged.”

Owning a Log Home Comes with the Open-Concept

With so many people asking for an open-concept in their homes today, it’s refreshing to know almost all log homes are built with them. There’s little special planning involved because builders understand the idea from the beginning. Wide expanses like this room can be well supported by a log home’s construction.

Are Log Cabin Homes a Good Investment? Interior Décor Options Have No Limits

An advantage of today’s log homes is there is no single approach to their interior décor. You can dress up your house with traditional log furnishings or turn it into a combination of new and old. The interior can consist of log siding, paneling, or painted drywall in any combo you desire. Use a vaulted ceiling or a standard height ceiling and go with your imagination. You will enjoy viewing this gallery of fine log homes.

Owning a Cabin Home Makes You Feel Like You Are on Vacation

One of the most fun things about log home living is you always feel like you’re on vacation. Sure there’s housework and maintaining the house, but it’s just not the same in this ‘paradise.’ We look forward to going on vacation and being in a pleasant place. That’s exactly what you get when you like your log home as much as most people do.                                                                                             

Some people grow tired of their log homes but they also grow tired of conventional homes and that’s a major reason why they move. Working for a hectic company makes going home like a lifestyle change. You can breathe easier in this rustic setting because it’s simply refreshing. Enjoy this virtual tour of a log home show for additional ideas.

Building a Cabin Home Is Easier than in Your Grandfather’s Day

By replacing full logs in your plans with log siding, you create an easier construction method and save a lot of money in the process. Builders find they save up to 20% in labor and material waste. The workload is lighter and you don’t need expensive specially-trained carpenters or heavy equipment to get the job done. Your ancestors would envy you for building and living in a house made with high-quality log siding.Reach out to Woodworkers Shoppe today at (855) 906-5520.

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