Vaulted ceilings, sometimes called cathedral ceilings, have been used throughout the centuries all over the world. In today’s log homes, they no longer resemble domed or arched structures but rather tend to be straight sides that slope upward like the roof lines. They are both sound structurally and beautiful for more additional open space, even in smaller log homes.

It’s important to select the right size, shape, and spacing of the elevation as well as any log trusses and/or beams. Beams should be matched to the size of the vaulted space and the desired effect. The ceilings look great with pine, cedar, or drywall with pine or cedar being preferable in a log cabin or larger log house. These ceilings can be used in family rooms, kitchen, bedroom, or other areas of your choice.              

Creating vaulted ceilings is not a project for amateurs and should be left to professionals with many years of construction experience. The following reasons for vaulted ceilings may encourage you to incorporate them into your plans.

Adding a Loft to a Vaulted Ceiling

A Vaulted Ceiling Adds a Sense of Openness and Grandeur

Our first reason to use vaulted ceilings is to open up your log home to spaciousness. They also:

  • Draw our eyes upward to see volume and drama in even ordinary rooms
  • Provide a sense of living in a larger living space, though it’s not floor space
  • Help us to think we may be living in a lodge in some faraway land
  • Make a fantastic family room for relaxing and entertaining guests.
  • Allow a loft in one end or one side to add more sleeping space

Almost any size log home with a sloped roof can support these ceilings. If you want a higher vault, you must build a steeper roof to add more space. If your roof is less steep, you can still enjoy a shallower vault. Look at your construction budget and plans and decide how much openness you need and want.

Lighting for Vaulted Ceiling –  The Extra Wall Space Allows for More Windows and Natural Light

Besides helping a room feel grand and more airy, vaulted ceilings provide more wall space for additional windows and/or skylights. You will welcome the added light, especially in the wintertime because it will help warm the house.

You can use any shape windows and from small to large ones to accent the walls, including:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Round
  • Custom-made

Skylights are another option that can be added into the roof structure. Consult with your contractor about the size, shape, and number of these for optimal sunlight entry. Added sunlight on long, cold winter days can freshen the spirit and help keep us more active.

“Vaulted ceilings are both sound structurally and beautiful that adds much open space, even in smaller log homes.”

Vaulted Ceiling

Adding a Loft to a Vaulted Ceiling – You Can Have 1 or 2 Lofts or a Catwalk

Depending on the size of the space available, you can incorporate a loft or two and maybe a catwalk. Lofts are generally used for bedrooms or playrooms but can be used for storing items.

In unusually large log homes, lofts can break up the visual height of the vaulted ceilings and add architectural charm.

If you suspend a catwalk between lofts or from one loft to a stairway or second-floor outdoor landing, you add additional visual appeal above the living. Heavy nets with safety features for children to play on are another option to add a rustic touch. These ideas make your log home more interesting and special.

Vaulted Ceilings Leave More Room for Chandelier and Large Fans

If you only want to add a few more windows in the added wall space and yet desire more light, try rustic lighting to brighten up the room(s). They can include hanging lights, track lights, custom-made fixtures, or a series connected together. A homier look can be attained by using antique items with rich patinas to create the fixtures.

Standard 8’ ceiling heights limit the size of ceiling fans and the amount of airflow they generate. You can add two or three large fans across the room and make them useful in summer or winter. Since vaulted ceilings are large open spaces, the fan can be set to advantage to push warm air down in the winter and pull cooler air up in the summer. See why you should consider using the largest possible fan in vaulted rooms.                                                                         

By accepting large fans, you have additional options of brand names, styles, sizes, blade shapes, and colors. These fans typically range in size from 60” to 96” that really stir the air. Mounting them is a job for electricians, not amateurs, because they are heavy, need strong bracing, and take longer to wire. Before going to the last reason, check out this informative article about vaulted ceiling benefits by a home remodeling company.

Building a Vaulted Ceiling Provides Space for Trophies, Decorations, and Other Personal Items

You have probably seen high ceilings in person or on TV decorated with a myriad of objects ranging from portraits, animal trophies, or artwork. This is another reason for this style of ceiling so you can add your personality and individual sense of décor. Antiques, whether family heirlooms or those purchased outside the family, make an individual statement with items that are important and special to you.

If you like the ideas presented above, consider making your ceilings with knotty pine or cedar paneling. The job is made simpler by using tongue and groove boards with the end-matching design. High-quality paneling is available at fair prices at Woodworkers Shoppe and don’t forget the matching trims to set off the doors, windows, corners, and baseboards. Reach out to us today at (855)  906-5520

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