If you have ever spent the night in a log cabin or log home motel, vacation spot, or a friend’s place, you will never forget the experience. There’s something really special about spending time in one of these iconic American structures. They’re relaxing, cozy, and provide a mental and emotional get-away from our hectic lives.

Those who live full-time in a log cabin or home built with log siding feel like they’re on a permanent vacation. Here’s what thousands of people have said about log homes during the last hundred years:

  • They felt some of life’s stresses melt away
  • Families experienced more of nature in their home living
  • It is a slower-paced environment
  • They felt a safe haven from the elements
  • Families felt a shift to simpler times
  • It is a life-changing experience and they love it

All this from living in a log home? Yes, you bet and even more when you experience it yourself. Many people said it revitalized their inner strength and health, and you can have this too. Keep reading about the benefits of living in a log home.

Log Homes Provide a Safe Haven from the Elements

log siding home kitsMany have said they felt safer in a sturdy log home than in a conventional house and there are positive reasons for this. They are by no means indestructible but their construction offers many advantages. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

  • The walls of both log siding and full log homes are stronger and hold up better in tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • Log walls are more fire-resistant because they don’t catch on fire easily at house-fire temperatures due to their thickness.
  • Log homes are more resistant to earthquakes because they are sturdier.
  • Many people feel like they are living inside a fort that offers more protection than a conventional house.

Simply put, living in a log home is personal therapy in more ways than one.

Log Home Living Takes Us Back to Simpler Times

Once you’ve lived in your new log home for a few months, you’ll most likely begin to think like many others have. You will say “life is simple” and time seems to go slower while each moment is more enjoyable. Even if you drive a long distance to and from your employment or work in a hectic setting, coming home and relaxing is sweet.

A simpler life may mean stripping away some material possessions and start living a simpler lifestyle. It doesn’t mean giving up central heat and air but you may start using a wood-burning stove and ceiling fans.                                 

You may feel more excited about entertaining friends, family, and work colleagues and letting them experience your home’s cozy atmosphere.

Simpler times mean different things to different people, such as preparing simple meals or  walking more in nature’s setting rather than going to a gym as often. Or, it may mean reading more books and fewer emails and text messages. Log home living is an easy way to return more to nature and enjoy a simpler, relaxing life, and some families feel like they’re homesteading.


We Make a Good Investment When We Build a Log House

One significant reason log homes are good investments is that they tend to last practically forever. Log homes possess a timeless design that never goes out of fashion like some styles of homes do. Here are five other reasons they make good investments:

  • Homes with log siding are far less expensive to build than full log homes.
  • You can expect a good return on investment (ROI), especially in areas that are growing.
  • You don’t have to worry about vinyl or aluminum siding getting damaged or fading.
  • More people want to live in log homes now, and this makes them easier to sell than in the past decades.
  • Homeowners can save many bucks by installing some or all the log siding and log trim. This alone puts more equity immediately into the house.

Home Owners Experience Satisfaction When Participating in Building Homes

vinyl log siding home depotThose homeowners that build log siding homes seem to take more personal interest in their construction than in conventionally built homes. By putting in some sweat equity, owners feel a closer bond to their homes and enjoy telling other people what they have accomplished. Whether you work on the exterior, interior, or both, you get a natural high that is exhilarating.

Last of All, Living In a Log Home Is a Life-changing Experience

Yes, it is a life-changing experience you will never forget, and you can tell your grandchildren about it. Most of us, no matter our age, could use a less stressful life to enjoy all the good things around us every day. Living in a well-constructed and beautiful log home is a positive way to achieve it.

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