Beautiful Tongue and Groove Dining Area

Knotty Pine interior log cabin

Knotty Pine interior log cabin wall paneling and trim looks so good! A favorite for interior walls of log cabins is Knotty Pine paneling  Used regularly in log homes, and many retail businesses. Modern milled paneling is superior to old-style planks that come in cumbersome lengths and lack tongue and groove features for fast and secure installation. The vast majority of television shows that illustrate cabin building use tongue and groove cuts for paneling.

Business owners like the advantages of Knotty Pine’s tongue and groove with end-matching connections. When building a new store or showroom or remodeling their current one, they want to put it up the fastest way to get open for business. The rustic charm and soothing effects of Pine paneling are hard to match with other types of wood.

If you’re planning a new cabin, home, or building, consider the many advantages of Knotty Pine paneling because trim never looked so good unless it was pure knotty pine. You can order panels that are not only colorful but are dimensionally stable and hand-inspected for quality and lack of defects. The following paragraphs explain why this building material is an American favorite!

Use Tongue and Groove Knotty Pine for the Best Results

How Our Paneling Fits Together

Our Knotty Pine tongue and groove paneling fits together

Knotty Pine paneling tongue and groove has advantages that make it a worthwhile selection:

  • Its ¾” thickness and widths of 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” are perfect for your walls and ceilings.
  • Our tongue and groove panels have end-matching for zero-waste.
  • All sides and ends of planks fit securely together anywhere between wall studs.
  • Hand-selected and hand-inspected panels are available for high-quality work.
  • This material significantly reduces the time for measuring and cutting the planks
  • Save 15-20% in labor and up to 20% in material waste.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price with our wood products because they meet and/or exceed industry standards at competitive and sale prices! Use our products for traditional paneling, wainscoting, or beadboard for spectacular results. Check out these amazing rustic interior ideas for your log cabin.

Pre-finished Paneling Provides the Perfect Rustic Beauty

Save yourself a lot of work and buying finishing materials by ordering pre-finished Knotty Pine paneling. Our craftsmen produce the perfect rustic beauty with our durable, non-yellowing clear coat. Order yours stained in engaging colors or natural with a clear coat finish.

  • Pre-finished paneling is sealed on the face and all edges.
  • There are no unsightly shrink lines anywhere.
  • No need to hire and schedule a painter.
  • You get a durable, satin sheen that is glassy smooth.
  • Each panel is thoroughly sanded before the first and second coats of finish.

The end result is a furniture finish that is difficult to reproduce on the job site.

“If you’re planning a new cabin, home, or building, consider the many advantages of Knotty Pine paneling because it never looked so good.”

Faux Barnwood Paneling Is a Third Viable Option for Cabins

trim never looked so good

Faux Bardwood Paneling Simulates Old Wood

If you are interested in barnwood or reclaimed lumber for your cabin’s walls, review our faux barnwood paneling. It will make any room feel cozy, warm, and inviting for you, family, or friends. It has advantages over recycled wood from old barns, houses, or other buildings:

  • Each piece is uniform in size, shape, and color. There is no sorting out boards to get what you want. There are no bugs or worms that are sometimes present in old wood.
  • You escape the odors sometimes present in reclaimed wood.
  • There are no toxins that could be harmful.
  • Faux material has no nails, screws, or staples to pull out.
  • You do not need to rip the pieces to size.

Our manufactured faux barnwood is straight and flat, unlike some cupped recycled wood. It is reasonably priced, properly kiln-dried for the application of stain, and hand-inspected to ensure the high quality you are expecting. This paneling is always in stock in a weathered-gray finish in both 6” and 8” widths that are ready to go. Other colors are available for your selection. Installing our paneling is fast and easy and homeowners with woodworking skills can do it.

Pine Trims and Molding Make the Perfect Match

Trim never looked so good! Don’t close your paneling order without adding complementary Pine trims and moldings. We stock many sizes and profiles that are perfect for wood paneling or drywall, including:

  • Interior and exterior wood trim
  • Door and window trim
  • Corner wood trim
  • Arched wood trim
  • Chair railing
  • Ceiling trim
  • Crown molding

Most casing and baseboards come in 8 and 10-foot lengths for convenience to work with. You can even order pre-finished casing and baseboards in the sleek Round-Over profile. Other pre-finished trim can be purchased on a per-order basis.

We are here to serve you woodworking needs for a cabin, home, or business building. Contact us with any questions and we will be glad to answer them.

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trim never looked so good