Add a rustic touch to businesses with pine and cedar log siding that other siding material cannot match. This gift shop looks fantastic with its stained logs, metal roofing, and stone columns. Log siding is made from logs where they are sawn into planks that are rounded on one side and flat on another. The round side gives the full log look without the full log price and drawbacks. It is easy for the contractor to install because they are tongue and groove.

Whether you build with Pine or Cedar siding, you and your customers will enjoy the log siding atmosphere and aura. Typical businesses that use this material include sporting goods stores, gift shops, state parks, restaurants, building material suppliers, and many more. There are many reasons to use this rustic and charming material on the outside and inside of your business.

Why Build with Log Siding

The beauty of using log siding is that you can install it on a new structure or use it to replace the siding material on an existing structure. Here are some advantages of using log siding:

  • You get the full log look without the full log price and strenuous work.
  • The appearance can be varied with quarter log, half log, and premier D-log profiles.
  • The sides and ends are tongue and groove with end-matching that make a tight seal.
  • There is far less maintenance required compared to full logs.
  • You save up to 20% in labor time and up to 20% in material waste.

Since Pine siding comes from trees grown on tree farms, the material is sustainable. There’s no need to paint or stain if you elect to use a clear coat. By using 2×6 studs more insulation can be added that saves on heating and cooling bills.

Another advantage of using log siding is the business owner can do some of the work and save a lot of money. Anyone with essential woodworking skills and tools and install most or all of the log siding, trim, and corner system. You can use our hand-hewn log siding to wow your customers with its authentic full log appearance. Consider these benefits of log siding when planning your store, restaurant, or shop and come out ahead.

“Pine and Cedar log siding add a rustic touch to many businesses that other siding material cannot match.”

Businesses That Can Profit from a Rustic Building

interior log siding

Adding a rustic feel with log siding

Most likely you’re reading this because you have been inside businesses that look authentically rustic such as this restaurant. Perhaps, you’re contemplating starting a business or expanding your present facility. Nationwide, these types of businesses lend themselves well to log siding:

  • Restaurants, diners, and bars
  • Outdoor and sporting goods stores
  • Gift shops and gun stores
  • Parks and civic centers
  • Building suppliers
  • Construction company offices

Other business enterprises include liquor stores, architect’s offices, campsites, motels, and many more. Building with log siding is a win-win situation for any retail or wholesale business.

Why Use Log Siding on the Interior

Instead of using painted drywall or paneling boards, consider giving your business the complete log look with log siding on the interior walls. Customers, employees, vendors, and visitors alike will appreciate the down-home and cozy feeling they experience inside.

It is just as easy to install this material on the inside by putting window and door trim in place first and then start the siding on the wall studs. Saw any planks to length that need it, use a nail gun with the appropriate size nails, and you’re done! If you want the work to go faster, use pre-finished log siding in either Pine or Cedar.

Pine or Cedar: Both Look Fantastic

We mill both high-quality Pine and Cedar log siding for your preference. Pine is the most popular and costs less than Cedar. Our customers are pleased with the additional colors and moisture resistance of Cedar siding. It costs a little more than Pine but is a viable choice you will enjoy for generations.

How Matching Log Trim and a Corner System Completes the Job

Exterior log trim

Log Trim

Exterior log siding corner system design

Corner System

Your building plans are not complete without adding matching trim and a corner system. This attractive window trim and light fixture mounting blend right in with the siding. The vertical corner shown here is simple to install and the least expensive. You can also choose butt-n-pass, double-D, and saddle notch corner systems to meet your requirements

We mill many styles, profiles, and widths of trims and molding for the interiors and exteriors of home and business structures. They can be ordered as raw wood or in a pre-finished condition.

Why You Should Order Log Siding from Our Company

The WoodWorkers Shoppe is America’s premier log home products supplier for residential and commercial applications. We mill our log siding, trim, and corner systems to the highest quality standards in the industry. Each piece is hand-inspected to guarantee defect-free materials in every order you place with us.

Our quality of products and customer service makes the difference. Let us hear from you by using our online contact form or call (800) 818-9971 today.

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