Knotty Pine Paneling Is a Favorite

Interior Knotty Pine paneling

Knotty Pine paneling is a favorite for log cabins, log homes, and businesses that have a rustic décor. The walls and ceiling picture here bring out the natural beauty, colors, and knots in these Pine panels. Pine is also popular because the trees are sustainable on tree farms and grow reasonably fast compared to wild hardwoods.

You don’t need to own a log cabin to make a statement with Knotty Pine or Faux Barn Board. These two wall coverings take you away from the ordinary painted drywall. They add a charm and relaxed mood that invites you into the house, unlike traditional drywall. Natural wood can be left in that state or stained to your choice of colors, with by yourself or in our finishing shop.

We want to present ideas for several applications of Pine paneling and Pine faux barnwood:

  • Use them for walls
  • Cover your ceilings
  • Vintage barn board looks terrific
  • Use them as wainscoting
  • Don’t forget the trim and molding

Discover 4 amazing knotty pine wood wall paneling design ideas that can inspire you with ways on how to lay out your walls with pine and faux barn wood board paneling.

Barn Board/Barn Wood Is a Versatile Material

Barn Board Looks Great in This Bedroom

A Faux barn board Bedroom

Barn board can be used anywhere Knotty Pine paneling is installed. It looks great on walls in any color you choose. Matching trim and molding can be ordered with the panels to provide a super look that will provide a pleasurable décor in any room.

Faux barn board, like our Knotty Pine paneling, is free from insects, odors, nails, and uneven sizes like reclaimed or recycled old wood. It can be ordered raw or stained with one of our good-looking colors. Some cabin owners like to mix and match the colors and the directions the wood is laid out – horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or a unique pattern.

Barn Board Looks Rustic on Cabin and Building Ceilings

Use barn board for Ceilings as Well as Walls

Rustic Barn Board

Applying faux barn board is becoming increasingly popular on ceilings and around kitchen islands. Its tongue and groove manufacture makes it easy to apply to ceilings, unlike heavy drywall. Each piece fits together with a snap and then held in place with a nail gun.

One person can generally install this paneling on ceilings, although it is quicker and easier when two people do the work together. It’s a real time and neck-saver when you order pre-finished paneling. There’s no straining your neck and shoulders to apply the finish, you don’t need to hire a painter, or wait for it to dry.

“You don’t need to own a log cabin to make a statement with Knotty Pine or Faux Barn Board. These two wall coverings take you away from the ordinary painted drywall. They add a charm and relaxed mood that invites you into the house, unlike traditional drywall.”

Weathered Knotty Pine Paneling Is a Viable Application

Gray Weathered Barn Wood

Gray Weathered Knotty Pine Paneling

Red Barn Wood Is Amazing

Red Weathered Knotty Pine Paneling

If you prefer a look created by years of the elements acting on wood, go for our weathered panels for walls and ceilings. This faux material is created by our special, patented process that adds charm and a natural-weathered appearance. It has lots of texture and character in each piece. Two favorite colors are gray and red, and we can pre-finish a myriad of others for your order. This product is made from 6” and 8” pine that is sawn and kiln-dried at our own mill.

Wainscoting Provides a Rustic Touch

Wainscoting Is In Today

Wainscoting for a Rustic Touch

A trend that brings back memories for many is using wainscoting on the walls. This application breaks up a large wall into a more eye-pleasing look. Add chair railing at the right height to protect it from chairs in kitchens and dining rooms.

This splendid arrangement shows how faux barn wood can be applied to walls. The lower portion with vertical panels is enhanced with wood applied at 45-degree angles. Arrange it your own way with different colors, widths of boards and layout.

Natural Knotty Pine Tongue and Groove Is a Win-Win Approach

We’ve saved one of the best features of our Knotty Pine and Faux Barn Board until last. Each piece is tongue and groove with end-matching for fast and easy installation. You can save up to 20% in labor time and up to 20% in material waste.

Tongue and groove overcomes the drawbacks of old-style paneling without it. Measuring and sawing go faster because you cut fewer pieces. The panels end-butt on studs or anywhere between them for a secure fit. Use a nail gun to secure each one in place starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Barn Wood Trim and Molding Ideas That Sizzle In a Cabin

Use It for Window and Door Trim

Barn Board paneling

Trim that matches both Knotty Pine and Barn Board paneling is available through our mill. Use it around windows and doors, as baseboards, in corners, for ceiling trim, and as chair rails. It adds that finishing touch at an affordable cost.

We are known as America’s leading supplier of log cabin and log home wood products. Each piece is made with expert craftsmanship and we pay close attention to detail in all our work. We are happy to answer your questions and supply you with the finest-quality paneling available today.

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