A bedroom should be a place of refuge where you can relax, rest, and enjoy the things that you love. Having the right interior in a bedroom will be essential to making it feel like home, and there are some simple ways that you can improve any bedroom whether you are remodeling, or even if you’re building a new home.

Pine paneling with knotty pine wood trim and crown molding is a great way to give a bedroom a timeless and premium feel, and with our bedroom trim, you’ll enjoy longevity beyond what simple drywall or plastered walls can offer.

Cover Your Walls in Something That Will Stand the Test of Time

Drywall is a material that has been popular for some time. The ‘modern’ homes of the 80s and 90s used painted drywall liberally to achieve what was perceived to be a clean and crisp finish. This material has not aged well over time, and if you’re renovating your home then you would have experienced this firsthand.

Drywall is incredibly soft, it can be dented or completely broken, it’s susceptible to collecting moisture, and it simply doesn’t have the premium look of lasting quality. If you want something that is going to last for decades in your home, then it’s time to select natural wood products like interior pine panels and knotty pine trim.

Our pine panels are manufactured and treated so that they don’t collect moisture. Natural timber is much harder than plaster finished walls or painted drywall, and impacts and scrapes will have to be severe for any visible damage to occur. Unlike the cheap veneer panels of the 70s, modern solutions are both elegant and appealing, so you’ll be able to give your home a fresh look that is both timeless and contemporary.

Natural timber in a house makes it feel more like a home. Timber is warm and welcoming, and it adds texture and a unique design to your walls. You’ll be able to choose flat timber panels or even deep log home siding for interior use, allowing you to get the exact look that you desire.

If your family loves the outdoors and wants to bring an element of nature and tradition into the home, then pine panels and interior knotty pine trim will allow you to achieve the results that you want in a new home or renovation project.

Finish Things with Interior Knotty Pine Trim

If you’re going to be using natural wood paneling, then you’ll need the bedroom trim pieces that help you to finish everything off. Adding knotty pine trim will make a bedroom feel like it has been finished by a master craftsman. Our bedroom trim can be used around doors, around electrical outlets and light switches, and around all of the permanent fixtures in a room. You can use knotty pine crown molding to finish ceilings, and you can even use pine panels on ceilings to complete the look of a natural timber home.

A bedroom that is finished in pine panels and trim will feel solid and refined. A bedroom should make you feel safe and relaxed, and our wooden bedroom trim will help you achieve that. Whether you’re finishing a master bedroom, a child’s bedroom, or even a room like a den, games room, or man cave, the look of panels and wood trim will leave you proud of every room in your home.

High-Quality Timber Products from a Leading US Supplier

Not every wood trim or paneling product is created equal.

At The Woodworkers Shoppe, you can find the highest quality siding, panels, and trim or molding. We produce pieces from sustainable forests using the latest processing and manufacturing methods, which minimizes waste and increases the quality of our end product. From inside and outside corner trim, to crown molding, you’ll be able to get the luxury look that you want in a stained finish that you choose.

Explore our knotty pine paneling and interior knotty pine trim products today and begin planning your bedroom with high-quality materials from a supplier that you can trust.