Log Siding for HomeWhen designing a man cave, you want to create a room that is not only comfortable, but one that also evokes a particular atmosphere. The room should be classy, without being pretentious. It should be a place where it is equally as easy to relax and decompress, as it is to have fun playing games, watching sports and movies, or doing whatever it is you like to do when you’re on your own time. If you want to create the ultimate rustic man cave that feels solid and welcoming, then you won’t find a better architectural material than interior log siding panels. Natural and strong, this type of interior siding is easy to install, and our log paneling will completely transform even the most ordinary looking room into a log cabin interior that you can be truly proud of.

 Aesthetic Benefits of Log Siding Panels for Home

With a busy family, your man cave is the one place that you can truly call yours. Free from distractions and responsibilities, your man cave should be as comfortable as possible. Besides the furniture and décor that you use in your room, the wall coverings will also play an important role in how the room feels. If you want the room to feel like it has been made with quality and exclusive materials, then natural timber interior siding is a perfect fit.

Unlike regular timber paneling, our log siding panels will create depth and visual contrast on your wall. The rounded log panels will stand out for anyone that enters the room, which is not something that you can say about all wood paneling. Because we make our log siding with a tongue-n-groove design, each siding panel fits perfectly into the next, creating a seamless look that will make you feel like a master craftsman has put your room together. The best thing about our interior wood paneling is that you won’t need a master craftsman, because you can install our log cabin siding panels in an average sized man cave within a single weekend.

Do you love hunting, the great outdoors, or do you simply want a more natural looking man cave that makes you feel as if you’re somewhere far away from home? If you haven’t used log siding panels throughout the rest of your home, then walking into your man cave will make you feel like you’ve entered another era, or maybe even a whole other world. If circumstances have taken you away from the forests and fields, to a suburban sprawl where everything looks and feels the same, then your man cave with log cabin siding will make you forget where you are. Isn’t that what a man cave is all about?

Woodworkers Shoppe Allows Easy Log Home Interior Siding Installation

You may have thought that it would be overly expensive to install natural looking log siding panels. You may have even been worried about how difficult the siding would be to install. We have designed our interior log siding to be simple to work with, and cost effective. Timber interior siding will often last the lifetime of your home, so when you choose log siding you are getting incredible value. Installation is as easy as securing the bottom piece of siding, and then installing the rest of the pieces using the tongue in groove system, and by putting some well-placed nails into your wall studs.

Because each interior siding panel will slightly overlap the previous, there are no visible nails or joins. Your friends will be amazed at your new log cabin siding, and if you have some experience with minor carpentry, you will usually be able to install all of the siding yourself. Even if you don’t have the time or the tools, a contractor will be able to fit out the average man cave in just a few hours. Any way you look at it, the initial investment in your interior wall siding will be well worth it, as you will be able to enjoy the installation for years, or even decades to come.

Rustic Man Cave Design Ideas with Log Siding

When you choose to buy our log siding from The Woodworkers Shoppe, you aren’t just limited to a single option. We offer siding in two classic materials – knotty pine and cedar. The size of the paneling can help to reinforce the illusion of using real logs. If you want the look of full logs, then our Premier log siding could be exactly what you need. If you’re looking for smaller panels that are more cost effective, then our half and quarter log siding panels are both good choices.

What does your man cave say about you? Do you appreciate hard work and good design? With log home siding you can achieve a classic look that feels premium and solid. Take a look at our complete range of interior siding, and contact us today to begin ordering.