Owning a bed and breakfast allows you to offer a truly welcoming and comfortable accommodation to your guests. When people visit a bed and breakfast, they’re expect something unique and more personal. More than what they would experience at a large hotel or chain motel. Of course, this means that you’ll have to get the atmosphere right! Especially, if you want your bed and breakfast to be both visually appealing and comfortable.

If it’s time for renovation or if you are designing the interior and exterior spaces at your bed and breakfast, then log cabin siding is one of the first finishing materials that you should consider.

What Makes Log Cabin Paneling Perfect for a Bed and Breakfast Business?

Log home construction is one of the oldest methods of building, and the style remains popular to this day. In parts of Scandinavia and in Russia, log homes have been standard for hundreds of years. Logs lend themselves well to construction, particularly with tall and straight trees like pine, spruce, and white cedar.

In the United States, log home building is a rich part of our heritage. Some of the oldest log homes in the country date back to the 17th century. When people think of rustic charm and the pioneering spirit, they think of log homes. Likewise, when people think of a place that is warm, welcoming, and homely. A log home can easily meet their ideal dream.

By using log cabin paneling for the exteriors and even the interiors of your bed and breakfast. You’ll create a timeless look and a feeling of real elegance and warmth that can only come from real timber products.

Indoor and Outdoor Log Cabin Paneling from The Woodworker’s Shoppe

Log Cabin PanelingPine log siding will give the exteriors of your bed and breakfast home or cabin an authentic log home look. However, what you might not have realized, is that you can also use log siding interior design. Using log style siding inside will complete the look of your bed and breakfast for a truly authentic experience.

If you have an establishment that is based in an older heritage town, or even in a picturesque location such as near a wooded area or on a lake shore, then log cabin-style B&B siding will help your bed and breakfast to look the part. However, if your clients were to walk inside and find basic painted drywall or even flat panels, the authentic feeling of a log home would be lost.

Exteriors will look great with half log siding, but the smaller cuts like quarter log siding on the interiors can allow for a consistent look and feel, without giving too much away with deep three dimensional walls. With quarter cut siding, the wall will still have a good amount of depth, texture, and log home authenticity, but the slightly shallower depth will be more practical, even in smaller rooms.

Explore Our Range Today and Give Your Bed and Breakfast an Appealing New Look

In addition to our log cabin paneling, we also produce a range of trim and molding pieces in matching materials. This will allow you to complete the look of any room, to the highest possible standard. It doesn’t matter if your bed and breakfast are located in a modern building because when you use our siding products, it will look as if your establishment has been hand built by a master craftsman.

Our siding products are even suitable for DIY installation if you have the necessary tools and experience. Making for a great project if your bed and breakfast is a family run business. Even if you hire professionals to complete the job, our materials are so easy to work with. Your overall material and labor costs will be much lower than some competing materials. Because installations  are fast, you’ll be able to open for business sooner than you would if you chose to paint drywall or older laminate paneling.

Log siding creates a classic look that can speak to the heart of Americans or even visitors to this country. Make your bed and breakfast a place of appeal and welcoming, by choosing a log siding interior design and exterior log siding from The Woodworker’s Shoppe.