If you are planning to build a log home in the near future you should seriously consider rustic Knotty Pine paneling for the interior walls. This material has been a standard in log homes and cabins for decades. Put it on the walls and ceilings and line the closets with Knotty Pine. Nothing says natural like a log home with wood on the walls. Finishing your knotty pine wood panels with a clear coat or staining them with your choice of colors looks amazing.

More homeowners and business owners are using Knotty Pine wood wall paneling for their homes, stores, and offices. It’s a cool experience to walk into these rooms that take us back to simpler times. We tend to remember the atmosphere created by real wood walls and look forward to going back to visit or shop, time after time.

Basic Knotty Pine Paneling Fills Needs

White Washed Knotty Pine Paneling w/ Weathered Red BartnwoodOf all the types of wood available today Knotty Pine fills basic needs because it is the most popular and affordable of choices for paneling. Pine trees are more sustainable than other wood species because they are planted on tree farms for future generations to enjoy. Knotty pine is a beautiful and rustic wood with its natural mineral streaks and knots. Pine without knots is available but at a much higher cost due to is scarcity.

In addition to using pine on the walls and ceilings you will see floors made of pine in many older homes and cabins, especially on the second floor and attics. These homes typically use a better grade of pine for the ground floor and less expensive pine for the second. The ground floor gets a lot more foot traffic and needs to be better quality to stand up to the use.

Pine Tongue and Groove Paneling Is a Builder’s Dream

Pine tongue and groove paneling with end-matching is a builder’s dream and the homeowner’s delight because it is easy to install. Unlike old-style paneling, tongue and groove knotty pine wood panels have benefits:

  • It comes in uniform size widths and lengths.
  • There is little waste compared to boards that end-butt on studs.
  • The savings in labor is tremendous.
  • Panel boards fit together well anywhere between studs.
  • They form a seal on the sides and ends.
  • Leading suppliers provide an installation instruction video.
  • Knotty Pine is affordable with the material and labor savings.
  • Each piece is properly kiln dried and hand inspected for quality.
  • Homeowners with a few basic woodworking skills and tools can easily install Pine Paneling.

Weathered Knotty Pine Paneling

Weathered Knotty Pine wood panels are a second choice for walls, ceilings, and closets. If your knotty pine paneling ideas include a vintage look instead of a smooth surface, this is the choice for you. Modern mill working practices can transform an ordinary looking piece of wood into a weathered-looking stylish masterpiece. You might also say it has a recycled appearance that appeals to many people.

The trend in rustic housing is still growing by leaps and bounds. Most people’s lives are hectic and stressful. Having a home or weekend get-away cabin can help reduce the stress and make life a little more enjoyable. Nature has a soothing effect on most people. A log siding home or cabin is an adventure in nature that is ever-present.

Let Knotty PineBarn BoardAdorn Your WallsWeathered Red Barnwood

Barn board Knotty Pine wood panels are similar to weathered paneling in that they look like they came off an old barn instead of a house. New Pine wood can be milled and processed to look like real old wood but without the old wood price. This process simulates natural wood weathering without:

  • Moldy smells or other odors
  • Bugs or worms
  • Boards that have cupped
  • Having to rip and cut boards
  • Needing to clean the boards

Barn Board makes a natural wall covering that anyone can appreciate day after day.

If you are not sure about using knotty pine wood walls throughout the entire house you can install it in a few rooms:

  • A bedroom
  • The basement
  • A bar area
  • The game room
  • Man cave

Some homeowners like to use Bard Board as wainscoting in some rooms. It will make any room feel cozy and restful. Popular colors are gray and red. Either one is a winner.

All of This Is Just a Click Away

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This company’s team will help you with home designs and choices of materials. They will help estimate the amount of siding, paneling, and molding you will need. And don’t forget – they also stock pre-finished wood products to save you time and money.

Rustic Knotty Pine Paneling