Traditional log siding homes have the same or similar log siding installed on the interior walls to give them that complete log look. There are other wood wall paneling designs trending today for your log home. Just about any way you put wood on the walls of a log home you can’t go wrong.  

Paneling in its many forms can be placed in three traditional basic patterns:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Diagonally

Of course, you can create your own unique patterns and wood wall paneling designs within your home. One variation is to go half way up with horizontal boards and finish to the ceiling with an upside down “V”. A little online research will produce patterns for any home. We will take an overall look at some amazing options for a new home or one being renovated.

Knotty Pine Paneling is Popular

Weathered Knotty Pine Paneling

A very popular choice is the traditional Knotty Pine paneling. It comes in easy to use standard lengths and widths. Knotty pine has real character in its knots and mineral streaks. It is also the most affordable wood for most people’s budgets. You see many wood wall paneling designs made from Knotty Pine panels in many businesses and homes.

Choose tongue and groove with end-matching panels instead of the old-fashioned flat boards. This modern marvel of the wood working world comes with tongues and grooves on both sides and ends of the panels. They fit together tightly without fasteners. Another advantage is they can end-butt anywhere between the studs. This makes them very easy to install and there is little waste. In addition, you save a lot of labor on the installation.

Weathered Knotty Pine Paneling

A variation on Knotty Pine paneling is weathered Knotty Pine. It is also called distressed wood because it is made to look like old wood from a house or barn. If you want the ultra rustic look in some or all of your rooms, this is the paneling for you.

Weathered paneling can be stained or finished with a clear coat. Many color choices are available for your individual wood wall paneling designs. Go from natural to a light color to a medium tone. You can even mix and match color tones in a single room or from room to room.

Weathered Knotty Pine has more character and color variations that standard Pine. Many people prefer it because of this. It’s good to obtain samples before ordering.

Knotty Pine Beadboard Paneling 

Beadboard is the traditional wood paneling for wainscoting walls in log homes. It comes part way up the wall and is topped off with chair rail molding. Beadboard is a row of narrow boards lined up vertically. In between each wooden plank is a “bead” or small indentation. Your choice of baseboards is used at the bottom of the walls.

If you purchase it in 8 ft. lengths there is no waste by cutting each piece into 3, 32” lengths. Some homeowners like it a little higher on the wall. Be sure to pre-judge its appearance before beginning any cutting. Knotty Pine Beadboard comes in convenient 1 x 4 pieces for easy handling.

Beadboard looks great in any room in the house from bathrooms to dens to kitchens. You just can’t go wrong with this traditional country look. You can stain it a different color than the walls for a special effect.

Do You Prefer Barn Board Wood Wall Coverings?

 Barn Board Wall CoveringBarn Board is what its name implies – boards that look like they came off an old barn. There are several good reasons that millworks are making new pine paneling to look like old wood:

  • Reclaimed bard wood is becoming scarce
  • It can contain insects and toxins
  • The boards need a lot of work
  • They can be very expensive
  • It may be hard to find a carpenter to install it

Modern Barn Wood comes in consistent sizes and thicknesses to give the old wood look without the old wood cost and headaches.

You will find leading dealers that supply both gray and red weathered Barn Board in 6” and 8” widths for your wall paneling designs. Each piece is protected with an eco-friendly water base low VOC finish that is safe for you, your family, pets and your home. You may also purchase it in raw form so you can stain and finish it to any color of your liking. Currently, Barn Board is the trending rage.

Stains and Finishes to Complement Your Wall Coverings

Once you make the selection of Knotty Pine, Weathered Pine, Beadboard, or Barn Wood, you need to choose the colors to complete your wood wall paneling designs. The final colors of your wall coverings remain your personal choice. Traditionally log home owners finished all the walls the same tone. Today it is different. Many people choose to mix and match the tomes in the same room and throughout the house.

Our advice is to visit some log homes to see the colors in person. Also look online to see the many variations people use with their ceilings, doors, and stairways. It is exciting and rewarding to choose your own rainbow of colors.