Peeled Logs Work Great for Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Log homes can be enhanced in a variety of ways including adding peeled logs, log beams, and log trusses. These additions can be applied to the interiors and exteriors of cabins and larger homes to give them a special rustic appeal with knotty pine.

Start with some peeled logs as porch posts illustrated here. They are as sturdy as they are beautiful and can be stained with many different colors. If you prefer, you can just finish them with a high-quality clear coat to display their characteristics.

Wood Posts, Beams, and Trusses

We recommend using only high-quality logs for these reasons:

  • Those made from pine trees grown on federally-controlled tree farms are the best.
  • They have few imperfections compared to those grown in the wild and tend to be more affordable.
  • Each has the bark removed and the surfaces are smoothed to eliminate splinters and shaped to give a rustic appearance.

Peeled logs can be used inside your cabin to support lofts, walkways, stairways, bedrooms, beams, and more. Outside, they can support roofing structures over porches and front and rear entryways. If you want a strong support system that appeals to the eye that will last for generations, go for peeled logs.

Log Beams Add Support and Rustic Aesthetics

Peeled Log Posts

Log beams serve more than one purpose. First, they are strong structural supports designed to resist bending when stressed by heavy weight or high winds. 

Second, they are used to distribute the weight of the structure while providing support. Wood has been historically the most commonly used material for beams.                            

Third, they provide a pleasing rustic appearance and just seem natural in a cabin or log home. Pine and cedar wood beams are typically available in lengths 8 feet long and up in 2-foot increments. Their prices depend on the smallest diameter of the logs and whether you buy pine or cedar wood.      

“If you want a strong support system that appeals to the eye that will last for generations, go for peeled logs.”

The most affordable way to purchase them is in the form of support beam covers and cover wraps. You can cover laminated or steel beams with a log-look cover made to your specifications in your supplier’s workshop.

Both the type of wood used and its size determine how much weight they can carry or bear. This is why we recommend using pine or cedar beams and covers because they are both sturdy woods. Purchase only pieces of wood that are fully cured before ordering them because green wood can warp and twist once it is in place. This is not an area where you want to compromise structural integrity.

Log Trusses Are Simply Amazing in Cabins and Larger homes

Pine Log Trusses

Log trusses simply look cool and provide needed support for ceilings and exterior porch and entryway roofs. They are made for structural and/or decorative purposes in businesses and homes where they sit on posts and/or on walls for support.      

Trusses have stood the test of time because of their structural benefits and can be custom-made to fit all building types. They support roofs well, especially those that must withstand heavy winter snows and bone-chilling cold. The roofs must support this weight for a long time and also leave room for airy and spacious homes and business buildings.

Log trusses are flexible and can be created in several designs no matter their size. Metal plate fasteners can also be added to give additional strength and rustic charm. Trusses are both cost-effective and construction time-savers because they are manufactured off-site and delivered to your door. There are no extra on-site building costs to add to the budget.

Trusses are typically less expensive than multiple rafters and they are very stable. They can span great distances without bending or losing strength. They also reduce or eliminate the need for load-bearing walls and allow for a wide-open floor plan. Using pine log trusses is also another way of going green, and learn more about them here.

You should remember that once a truss system is installed, you must be careful modifying it or rafters in any way. Cutting away any of the wood or drilling multiple holes can undermine the structure’s integrity. If you do modify it to add a loft or upper room, consult with a building engineer before making alterations.

Pine Peeled Logs

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