More than 26,000 log homes and log cabins are built in the U.S. each year. This number rises to more than 30,000 structures when you add those made with log siding, log home conversions, businesses, garages, and other log structures. This industry is close to $1 billion in annual sales in America alone. Most of these dwellings and structures are made with the perennial favorite – pine wood.

Log Siding Installation

There is no one single reason why pine log homes and cabins continue to grow in popularity:

  • Pine is still affordable with the rising cost of building materials.
  • This wood variety is a long-term sustainable product.
  • Pine is easier to work with than many other woods
  • It is a naturally beautiful building material
  • Homeowners appreciate is overall qualities

Each of these ideas is worth exploring more to see why they are all relevant to the uses of pine.

Building Material Prices Have Gone Up: Prefinished Log Siding Is More Cost-Effective Than Full Logs

This year we have seen building material costs rise more than average, especially hardwoods, drywall, and large full logs for example. This is not the case with pine used for log siding because pine trees are more readily available in most areas than other wood species.

Mills that produce pine log siding are using the latest technology in woodworking machinery to lower costs while keeping quality up. Their efficiency is greater than just ten years ago and will continue with newer milling techniques.

A single pine tree produces multiple pieces of log siding from the outside of each log and boards from the center. Compare that to a tree that only produces one or two full logs. You get your money’s worth with pine log siding in any length and profile.

Pine Log Home Siding

Log Siding for Less;Pine is a Long-term Sustainable Material for Log Siding

While some tree species are becoming scarcer, pine trees remain plentiful because many are grown on controlled tree farms. This ‘green’ approach to forestry and milling keeps an adequate supply of wood for building materials for future generations.

Unfortunately, many types of trees are becoming scarce worldwide, including these in the U.S.

  • Boynton’s Sand Post Oak
  • Florida Willow
  • Florida Yew
  • Fraser Fir
  • LongLeaf Pine
  • Maple Leaf Oak
  • Redwood
  • Virginia Birch

It’s sad news about this list of trees but the good news about pine trees is they are managed well on tree farms. To start, the better enterprises plant certified disease-free tree stock. They also use proper planting procedures and stress reduction methods to improve tree health. Trees that are pruned during the dormant seasons help keep them insect-free. When professionals follow these practices we can enjoy pine trees for many decades ahead.

“Mills that produce pine log siding are using the latest technology in woodworking machinery to lower costs while keeping quality up. Their efficiency is greater than just ten years ago and will continue with newer milling techniques.”

Pine Is Easier to Work With for Interior Wood paneling

Compared to Other Wood Varieties

Interior Wood paneling

Pine is a wood that is easy to work with for the builder or homeowner and here’s why:

  • It is a lighter weight wood than hardwoods.
  • Pine is relatively soft and is easy to saw, drill, nail, carve, and sand.
  • This species readily accepts many brands and colors of stain.
  • Pine is a durable wood for siding, paneling, flooring, and trim.
  • It can be successfully kiln-dried to the correct moisture content

These benefits translate into finishing your building project faster. Since pine is easier to work with, homeowners can feel a heightened sense of accomplishment.

Paneling for Log Home – Nature’s Beauty Is Found in Pine Log Siding

Most of us can appreciate the natural beauty of fine wood such as pine. It is light in color and ranges from a creamy white to a yellow and a reddish-brown. You can stain it to achieve almost any color desired. You can also apply a clear coat to protect the wood while letting its natural color take center stage.

Pine has a noticeable grain with knots that are darker than the wood itself. Add in a few mineral streaks and the result is a distinct look. In the days ahead, pine takes on a patina that gives it an antique-like quality that can be very appealing. Any dings or dents that show up just give it a more aged look.

This fantastic-looking knotty pine flooring is an example of this wood’s natural beauty. Log siding looks just as good on both the exteriors and interiors of homes.

Homeowners Enjoy Log Siding Installation

Pine log siding is both easy to order online and install by homeowners with woodworking skills.

Many people report they were able to install their own siding with relative speed and ease. They also discovered how it saves time measuring, sawing, and nailing and is a virtually “zero-waste” material. You can find the best quality and craftsmanship in siding and log trim by ordering from the WoodWorkers Shoppe.

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