Are you still in the planning stages for your new cabin or the renovation of your existing one? If you are, you should consider using rustic wood kitchen & bath cabinetry made with beautiful pine instead of stock cabinets found in your local home improvement store. Thousands of cabin owners have installed these rustic wood bathroom cabinets, and grow to love them more with each passing year.


     Knotty Pine Cabin Kitchen                     Cedar Log & Panel Bath

Most cabin owners take these steps to install rustic wood kitchen cabinets or rustic bathroom cabinets in their cabin from start to finish:

  • Firstly, Create a layout drawing with specifications.
  • Submit the plan and type of wood desired to our specialists.
  • Our staff selects the finest materials available.
  • The cabinets are made to match your individual plans.
  • Lastly, The cabinetry is inspected for quality and shipped.

It’s that simple to order cabinetry in standard sizes or completely customized at no additional cost. Our Timber Country Cabinetry is made with solid wood doors, drawers, face frames, and stout ¾” birch ply-box construction, with 120-pound drawer slides. Additionally, dove-tail joinery adds quality and longevity to all our kitchen and bath cabinets. Now is the time to take advantage of the 10% off sale on rustic wood bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinetry going on at the WoodWorkers Shoppe.

Types of Wood Available

The rustic charm of knots, mineral streaks, and color and grain pattern variations in natural wood will make your kitchen or bath come alive. Comparatively, Timber Country Cabinetry is not limited to only a few species of wood, but offers all the following:

  • Log & Panel Knotty Pine Cabinets
  • Hand-Hewn Rustic Kitchen Cabinets in Knotty Pine 
  • Knotty Pine Cabinets
  • Rustic Cedar Log & Panel Kitchen Cabinets
  • Hand-Hewn Rustic Log Ambrosia Red Maple™
  • Ambrosia Red Maple™ Cabinetry
  • Clear Pine, Hickory, and Aspen Cabinetry            

Rustic Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry     Rustic Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry                        

  Ambrosia Red Maple™                             Aspen Cabinetry

Any of these log cabins with kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be finished with just a clear coat or stained with a clear coat added afterward. Add door knobs or pulls and hinges of your choice to complement the doors and drawers and you will create a masterpiece in wood.

Benefits of Custom Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

The benefits of rustic wood kitchen cabinets or rustic wood bath cabinets that are custom-made to fit your home are worth every dollar. Custom cabinets have the following to offer overstock cabinets:

  • You know what you will be getting – no cheap imported woods that are less durable and can give off harmful VOCs and other toxins.
  • Custom units are durable and built to last for generations. Experienced artisans, not factory workers make them by hand.  
  • Many door and drawer styles are available to fit your kitchen and bathroom décor.
  • We create each cabinet out of solid wood and plywood with sturdy joints that will not pull apart. We never use particle board and always build smoother, sturdier slides into the drawers.
  • You can plan a place for everything your family wants to store and display in these cabinets. Add shelves, counters, an island, and even a pantry to meet your needs.
  • Available log fronts are another feature you won’t find in hardware store cabinets. They are unique and add another type of rustic touch.

 These Custom Cabinet Door Styles Are Amazing     

 rustic cabinets     Raised Panel Rustic Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry    

      Shaker Style                          Raised Panel                       Panel Insert

The heart and soul of our rustic wood kitchen cabinets are their doors, and they can look absolutely amazing with our custom designs. Our skilled craftsmen create them to your exacting specifications one at a time to assure they produce the highest quality.  We never take shortcuts and don’t use long manufacturing and assembly lines to rush the work through. Each door of our rustic cabin kitchen cabinets is hand-inspected for fit, finish, and detail by our specialists.

Notice the natural beauty in these cabinet fronts that catch the eye. No two doors and drawers are alike because they are made from Mother Nature’s artistry. All the glow and warmth comes through from the select trees cut in the forests to the finished products in your home. They will capture your heart the first time you walk into the room.

Buy What You Need Online

You won’t find custom cabinetry in big box stores because their cabinets only come in standard sizes and shapes for the general public. Your log cabin is unique, and you need high-quality, exceptional rustic wood bathroom cabinets to round out a complete natural-looking décor.

Here at the WoodWorkers Shoppe, we have everything you need for any log cabin or home project. We craft and stock the following in our extensive millworks and display showrooms:

Interior Products                        Exterior Products

Paneling & Molding                              Log Siding & Trim

Flooring & Decking                              Peeled Logs

Doors & Beam Covers                         Corner Systems

Stairways & Railings                           Log Railings & Stairs

Mantles & Trusses                              Finishes & Caulking

Call (800) 818-9971 today to discuss your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry needs with one of our specialists. Our products are quality, and our service is unparalleled.


Rustic Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry