Have you included knotty pine posts, beams, and trusses in your plans for a complete and rustic log home? They add strength and character to any cabin, home, workshop, or business, and incorporating them into your structure is fast, easy, and will give you a sense of accomplishment when viewing the finished project. 

Every element featured in this blog that you add to your structure, be it a cabin, home or otherwise, brings more of Mother Nature indoors.  Natural wood introduces a warm and cozy atmosphere that garners compliments from everyone that enters a room. Consider any or all these additions and be a happy camper inside a pine log world of your own.


Pine Post Covers Add Beauty and Strength

Pine post covers are available in a fabulous hand-hewn surface that wraps around any 4.25” square or round post. This facade presents a sturdy 9.5” outside diameter post for 8’ and 10’ ceilings. These covers hide conventional steel or engineered wood posts in a wrap-around enclosure that look like a full 9.5” solid log.

Use building codes to determine the number of knotty pine posts needed to support your cabin or home in each of the following locations:

  • Ground floor
  • Second floor
  • Loft
  • Basement

It’s vital to add the highest-quality pine wood to 4.25” posts to provide structural integrity throughout your log cabin or home. 


Pine Log Beam Wraps Cover Metal Beams and Ductwork

Rustic home enthusiasts don’t want laminated wood or steel beams to distract from their log lifestyle. The perfect solution is to order custom-made log beam wraps. Wraps can be made to your exact specifications to cover metal air ducts and provide the full log look in most cases. These log beam wraps are priced according to the size of the item you are encasing in the log.

Stain the beams to contrast with the walls and ceilings or use a clear finish to blend them right in with the décor. Log beam wraps look just like full logs from one end to the other. They fit easily over any beam material and provide additional strength. 

Amazing Solid Peeled Log Posts for External and Internal Uses


Sturdy peeled log posts are what you expect to see in log cabins and homes. Their solid construction adds extra support for floors, ceilings, and roofing. Unlike stock posts found in DIY stores, here at the Woodworkers Shoppe, we make our knotty pine posts and log cabin beams to the correct diameter and length needed for any log home application.

Any contractor familiar with building log homes can install them in the right quantities and identify places to provide structural integrity. Homeowners can finish these knotty pine posts themselves to blend in with the rest of the home. Talk to one of our experts today at (800) 818-9971 for a free estimate.


Log Trusses Add Character and Strength

Log trusses are another element most of us are awed by in log homes. Their appearance harkens back to olden times and the natural strength they provide to houses, cathedrals, or castles. You can have this incredible roof support in your own home or business.

Our pine log trusses work equally well on the interiors and exteriors of homes. They are made from the highest-quality trees crafted, dried, and stored to the highest standards. Let us know your dimensional needs, and we will get busy creating the perfect trusses at very competitive prices.

Knotty Pine Timbers for Loft Decking and Rafter Pole


Whether you finish your Knotty Pine timbers with a clear coat or stain them to look like cedar, they will add a unique touch under any loft or as rafter poles. Their sheer size provides strength and aesthetic appeal as shown above. Contact our craftsmen with the timber sizes for your building projects for a free estimate. Call us before the busy season gets here so we can send your order out sooner.

These timbers are sturdy and will last for generations in your log home. We take great care to produce defect-free timbers for residential and commercial applications and have what you are looking for, whether it’s just a few boards or a truckload.

Find The Highest Quality Building Materials Online

Don’t spend any more of your valuable time going from one retail store to another to shop for high-quality pine building materials. Find everything you need for all your projects in one place at the WoodWorkers Shoppe. All our log beam wraps, posts, trusses, and timbers meet or exceed industry standards for moisture content, dimensional stability, and defect-free lumber.

Scan our website for a comprehensive list of siding, paneling, trim, molding, doors, flooring, decking, and all materials presented in this blog. If you’re not sure what to buy or how much to order, talk to one of our log home experts for friendly and accurate advice. We are here to serve your home and business needs with high-quality products and competitive prices. Check out our specials and sales going on right now.