One of the most important things to take care of when living in a home is maintenance. Log homes are often also called log cabins. Log homes are built with logs, so they age similarly to regular log structures and can last a long time if log siding maintenance is correctly performed. 

How to Manage log Siding 

Maintaining log homes entails checking the installed log siding periodically for any signs of cracking, splitting, or warping. Those damages should be addressed as soon as they arise before they become bigger and necessitate log siding replacement. The log home siding needs to be checked at least twice a year, as logs will shrink and expand depending on weather conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Cracking log siding is usually the result of log shrinkage. Water damage results from not having a good roof overhang to protect log cabin walling from heavy downpours, snow, or hail. Log home maintenance means being aware of weather conditions and taking measures to prevent water damage.

Log Siding Treatment

The following practices will ensure the longevity of installed log siding in your log home.  

Log home walling should only be washed once every other year to maintain the integrity of the logs. Do not wash the walling in winter because logs could warp during freezing and then thaw after. 

If the log siding is made from wood, log homes should be washed regularly to ensure that the home remains structurally sound. Use a stiff bristle brush with water. If the log siding is dirty, a quality cleaner should be used. Colorless log home cleaners are the most commonly used and easy to find as well as use.

Log Siding ReplacementImportant Things to Remember when Washing Log Siding

  • Remove all loose dirt from the logs by brushing them vigorously.
  • Apply a log siding wash. This will clean the surface as well as condition the exterior log walls
  • Apply a log home log sealant to lock in moisture and protect your log homes from weather damage.

If the log siding appears brown after washing, it should be re-stained to keep them looking beautiful for years. Use a high-quality wood sealer/waterproofing stain or paint on the log siding. Re-apply stain periodically depending on exposure to the sun and rain. To extend the log siding life, apply waterproofing sealer to the bottom of logs that are below ground level, usually under porches or decks.

Tips to Ensure the Long Life of Log Siding 

  • Make sure to use high-quality log home walling, especially for the exterior. 
  • Check the log siding regularly for any damage and use quality log treatment products as soon as damage is identified
  • Apply log sealant and penetrating oil for your log homes logs once a year and contact a professional log siding company specialist if needed.

Exterior Log Siding Maintenance

Log treatment for the log siding exterior in your log home is important for people living in a cold climate. You should apply a good quality wood sealant to your exterior every few years, depending on the weather conditions.

In general, logs that are used for log homes need to be protected from moisture and should be treated as needed depending on weather conditions such as temperature and humidity. Log treatment for your exterior log siding needs to be inspected at least twice a year, as logs will shrink and expand depending on weather conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Log Siding Replacement

It is recommended that log siding replacement be done by professionals, as logs need to be cut and fitted together perfectly to ensure good insulation and protection of the log home.

Exterior Log Siding Maintenance

Methods of Log Siding Replacement

There are two ways to replace logs. The first method is taking down the logs and replacing them one by one. This can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor as it usually requires scaffolding, and the log walls must be covered to prevent weather damage during log replacement.

The second method is removing the old logs and installing new ones on top of them. This method allows for less time and money investment. There will be, however, a difference between the old and new log walls. The wall insulation moreover will need to be replaced. Choose a replacement method that best suits your needs.

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